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Telangana will soon have 500 Basti Dawakhanas: Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Health Minister Harish Rao stated that 350 Basti Dawakhanas were being established in Hyderabad and 150 in other cities. It has been announced that a total of 500 Basti Davakhanas will be established across the state to provide basic healthcare services to urban people.

The minister reviewed Warangal Health City, TIMS Hospitals, NIMS New Building, Dialysis Services, Basti Davakhanas, Village Dawakhana, Kanti Velugu and other issues in the Secretariat with the concerned officials on Thursday.

On this occasion, he said that currently, 363 Basti Dawkhanas were providing services in the state. He said that 57 more such dispensaries were ready for opening. The officials were directed to start them immediately. They want to speed up the work of the rest of the dispensaries which are in the final stage. Steps should be taken to ensure that 500 Basti dispensaries are fully functional by the end of June. For the convenience of the people, he instructed the officials to set up the display boards enlisting the services that are being provided on Sundays as well. He said that services should be provided from 9 am to 4 pm every day.

The minister instructed that 3,206 rural dispensaries should be fully functional by the end of this month. He further said that instructions were given to fill the required 321 posts for the same. The minister instructed that display boards must also have the names and contacts of the doctors working in the Basti Dawakhana.He said that boards should be set up so that the services being provided, the tests being conducted and the wellness activities are known. The district medical officers have been ordered to review the performance. (INN)

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