Forest officials capture bear in Manakondur area

Hyderabad: The bear that caused commotion in Manakondur of Karimnagar district has been successfully captured by forest officials.

According to officials, at about 4 pm on Monday morning, a Sloth Bear created a disturbance on the embankment of a pond in the centre of Manakondur mandal. The bear attempted to enter a house near the Hanuman temple.Upon being chased by stray dogs in the vicinity, the bear fled the spot. It eventually reached the Karimnagar-Warangal national highway, where it became frightened by passing vehicles and sought refuge in a nearby tree. Concerned locals, upon sighting the bear, promptly alerted the forest officials. In response, the officials reached the location and successfully apprehended the bear, ensuring the safety of the community. (INN)

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