iHub-Data at IT-Hyderabad announces collaborative initiative with technical institutions for AI/ML training programs

Hyderabad: iHub-Data, the technology innovation hub affiliated with IIIT Hyderabad, is gearing up to expand its educational training programs.

“This year it aims to establish connections with technical institutions, including those in and around Hyderabad, to provide specialized training. Our focused program will target students interested in pursuing higher studies and research. Additionally, we plan to introduce a 5-month faculty development program at IIITH campus, approved by AICTE as three FDP units. This initiative holds potential benefits for faculty members, contributing to their professional growth,” stated Dr. CK Raju, Head of Educational Programs at iHub-Data, IIIT Hyderabad.

Sources at iHub-Data, IIIT Hyderabad, inform various Memorandums of Understanding tailored to suit the preferences of technical institutes offering undergraduate engineering programs in India. Autonomous institutes providing UG programs in engineering can also collaborate for a two-year UG Minor Program in Modern Machine Learning. Furthermore, an MoU is in place for institutes interested in offering UG Add-on programs in AIML to students, spanning three semesters.

“IIIT Hyderabad is renowned for its leadership in quality research programs focused on Machine Learning. Currently standing as India’s #1 institute for AI/ML research, it houses the largest Computer Science Research Group in the country. Our goal is to share these invaluable skills with other institutions willing to assume similar responsibilities and commitments to advancing research in AIML,” stated Dr. Jay Mookherji, Chief Executive Officer of iHub-Data.

“Significant effort has been invested in crafting the curriculum and training methodology for these educational programs, setting them apart from conventional online training initiatives. Our primary concern has been to establish an approach that optimizes training resources, enhancing the competency of young undergraduate engineering students in developing solutions using AI/ML techniques and frameworks. Through these efforts, we aim to meet the growing demands of our nation in achieving excellence in developing sensible machine learning applications,” expressed Prof CV Jawahar, Dean of Research and Development at IIIT Hyderabad.

Over the past three years, the hub has successfully delivered impactful training to undergraduate engineering students, focusing on the fundamentals of modern machine learning. Notably, iHub-Data has also launched initiatives guiding students through substantial research projects during its summer internship drives, starting in 2021. Currently, 157 undergraduate engineering students are actively participating in internship programs, contributing to various research projects at IIIT Hyderabad since December 2023.

For further details, visit the iHub-Data Website. For inquiries, please contact Dr CK Raju at Ph: 040 6653 1787.

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