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Osmania University denies irregularities in promotion of senior professors

Hyderabad: Osmania University has categorically refuted reports in various dailies alleging irregularities in the promotions of senior professors, asserting that such claims are baseless. The university maintained that the promotion process strictly adhered to UGC norms.

OU Registrar Prof P. Laxminaryana clarified that G.O. No 15, along with UGC rules and regulations, were meticulously followed.

Addressing the erroneous assertions of irregularities, Registrar Laxminaryana emphasized that doubters could scrutinize the UGC rules for clarification. He expressed concern over the potential damage to Osmania University’s reputation due to disseminating false information. The university officials denounced any false propaganda in their name and underscored the importance of accuracy in reporting, especially considering UGC Care List, Scopus, and peer-reviewed options.

Referring to a UGC public notice from September 16, 2019, Registrar Laxminaryana highlighted amendments to the UGC Care List rules. He reiterated that the selection committee should prioritize evaluating the quality of faculty research over the sheer number of articles.

For senior professor promotions, the criteria include ten years of experience as a professor, ten research papers, and supervision of at least two Ph.D.s during the review period. The University will receive a list of subject experts nominated by the Board of Studies (BoS) from other universities, subject to approval by the Executive Council. These experts will participate in the promotion process, and only eligible candidates, based on their reports, will be called for interviews/interactions.

The committee overseeing promotions comprises the Vice-Chancellor as Chairman, Governor Nominee as a member, qualified Deans, Heads of Departments, Social Welfare Representatives, and subject experts nominated by BoS. The final list will be released based on the committee’s decisions during the selection process.

The university emphasized the authoritative role of subject experts, according to a UGC public notice in 2019, stating that their opinion is the ultimate decision. The Registrar reiterated that every provision of UGC, High Court, and Supreme Court judgments was meticulously followed in the promotions of senior professors at OU.In a plea to the press and media, the university requested vigilance against the spread of false information. Everyone is urged to contribute to preserving the reputation of Osmania University, a beacon of world-class leadership across various fields, the OU Registrar said (INN)

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