CM Revanth Reddy promises to set up a board for Gulf workers

Hyderabad: Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has announced to set up a special board for Telangana residents working in Gulf countries.

The Chief Minister today held a meeting with the representatives of various Telangana organizations working in Gulf countries at a hotel in Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion, he said that in order to make the dispatching agents accountable to Gulf countries, these agents will be given legal status so that the workers of Telangana can go abroad through them and the workers going abroad for a week. There should also be a training provider. The Chief Minister said that 15 lakh families of the state are dependent on the employment of Gulf countries. A special scheme will be developed for workers working in Gulf countries. For this it was decided to establish Telangana Gulf, Overseas Workers, Welfare Board. He said a special office will be set up in Parjabhan to help workers from Gulf countries, and a special board headed by a senior IAS officer will also be set up. He said that efforts will also be made to provide good salaries and other facilities to the workers going to the Gulf countries.The Chief Minister said that the policy adopted by other countries and states will be studied in this regard. Revant Reddy said a good policy is being implemented in Kerala for overseas workers. After reviewing all these policies, a comprehensive policy will also be prepared by the state government. He said that it has been decided to provide financial support of Rs 5 lakh to the family members of the workers who died in the Gulf. (INN)

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