CM Revanth Reddy celebrates Buddha Purnima at Maha Buddha Vihar

Hyderabad: Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy attended the Buddha Purnima celebrations at Maha Buddha Vihar in Secunderabad on Thursday.

During his address, CM Revanth Reddy expressed his profound joy and spiritual upliftment upon visiting the Buddha Vihar. He reflected on the life of Buddha, who began preaching peace at the age of 29 after renouncing his kingdom and power. He emphasised the enduring relevance of Buddha’s teachings, which have persisted for over 2500 years. He shared how he is personally inspired by Buddha’s doctrine, particularly the idea of approaching every task with the mindfulness of meditation.

The Chief Minister announced that the State Government would allocate special funds from the Special Development Fund to construct a Spiritual Centre (Dhyana Mandir). He also requested the establishment of a school at the centre. He highlighted the growing concerns of intolerance and jealousy within society, stressing the need for greater harmony and understanding.

Revanth Reddy called for the nation to embrace Buddha’s message, pledging personal and governmental support to spread these teachings across society. He assured the public that his government is committed to assisting and cooperating with the Buddhist community, emphasising that Telangana holds great respect for Buddhist monks.

“The message of Buddha is more relevant than ever,” he stated. “As your government, we are here to support you and ensure that Buddha’s teachings reach every corner of our society.” (INN)

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