Traders warned against illegal hike in sugar prices

Hyderabad: Commissioner for Civil Supplies C.V. Anand warned sugar traders against hiking the price by creating scarcity by stock holding of sugar illegally and practicing of speculative activities.

“Licensed Dealer / Trader should not sell sugar more than the price decided by Central government or state government. Raids should be conducted to check if any trader is doing business without license.

A person engaged in the business of purchase sale and storage for sale of sugar n quantities of five quintals is considered as sugar dealer. Wholesale should get license from concerned district Civil Supplies officer, Tahasildar, if he fail to have license action will be taken under Civil Supplies Act,” Anand said on Wednesday.

The Government of India extended the notification which imposed stock holding and turnover limits on dealers of sugar till 28th October, 2017. It also authorized the state governments and union territory administrations to enforce this order.

The Civil Supplies Commissioner today conducted a meeting with wholesale sugar dealers’ association representatives to discuss the regulations issued by Central government on sugar prices. (INN)

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