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Youth for Nation

S M Fasiullah for Hyderabad Youth Mirror #

Youth is more than just an age group. It’s vigor and zeal to do something. Youth houses untapped potential required to bring any change in this universe. Youth also possesses the urge to push society or a nation on development path, provided they are rightly guided by those who are learned and wise.

A nation relies heavily on its youth to achieve development agendas and plans. Youth are needed in almost all sectors and areas. They are needed in defense, research, universities, bureaucracy, politics, business, and at many other places.

Youth need to understand various challenges a nation is facing, and find out feasible solutions. For an equitable development of the nation, youth also needs to identify social evils plaguing the nation, and try to solve them. At the same time, learned people of the nation are required to persistently inspire and motivate youth to take up these challenges to push a nation towards progress and development.

Understanding our responsibility for the same, we have chosen “Youth and Nation Building” as theme for our current issue. Through this issue, we are trying to understand aspirations of people who are youngsters and living in our country.

Their aspirations are as diverse as Indians are in their outlook and ethnicities. It’s not an easy task to understand and consider every Indian youth’s aspirations. However, we have tried to focus on a few aspirations that may be common among youth of this nation.

We believe that helping youth in fulfilling their basic needs and aspirations would eventually help a nation on a long run. In addition, we have considered some of the prerequisites for a nation to develop.

For youth living in a pluralistic nation like India, why it’s vital to cherish and promote pluralism is brilliantly articulated in “Need for Pluralism in Youth”.

We have highlighted role of women. No nation can develop without ensuring fair chance for fairsex to contribute to the society. The article “Women and Nation Building” sums up that respecting women, befriending them and sharing their pain are means to contribute to nation building.

We talk about filth in politics, but seldom dare to clean it. Gandhiji said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Kejriwal led AAP and Azzam led AMUSU set a good example for those who wish to bring postive change in politics, and bring nation on development track.

We have covered a few similar topics this time. Many more needs to can be covered. Read it, share your thoughts with us!

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