Role of Women in Nation Building

Saba Baig for Hyderabad Youth Mirror #

Woman! The word produces an image of a person who generates warmth and love, devotion and loyalty, but at the same time can also be as fiery as a lioness. There are many characteristics of her, most of which are taken for granted, be it household or workplace. But what we all forget is that she is the molder of our destiny and in the long run, the nation’s destiny.

Though delicate and soft, she has a heart stronger and bolder than that of man. But we all know that everywhere women are not given the chance to discover themselves to be what they want to be. She establishes the institution of family life, brings up children. Her strength in totality contributes in the making of an ideal society and an ideal state.

Women’s participation in nation building is an important ingredient in achieving an equitable, peaceful and more prosperous society. While many policy makers and development agencies fear that pursuing a stronger role for women in nation building ‘too soon’ will lead to instability. It has been found out that a society that shows concern for the rights of women strata of its society will be less likely to initiate violence.

Economic and social developments are strongly elevated when women enter the market place and take active participation in nation building. Women’s inclusion plays a central role both as a litmus test and as an active variable shaping a more democratic, stabilized and developed society. Be it the fight for the nation’s freedom or modern world politics, from Aruna Asaf Ali to Indira Gandhi, from Sarojini Naidu to Pratibha Patil, the role of women cannot be undermined.

Today, educated women have come out of their complexes and are shouldering all kinds of responsibilities as managers, officers, ministers, musicians and what not? The 73rd and 74th amendments lay upon the women, more responsibilities in accelerating the development of the country. Women have played an important role but man has failed to give recognition. For ex-the Women’s Representation Bill for 33% reservation has still not taken shape.

The empowerment of women by itself cannot place women on equal footing with men, the need of the hour is the change of social attitudes towards them. After 60 years of independence, the desired goals have to be still achieved. The ground realities still seem to be hostile to them. It has become essential for women to be politically empowered to achieve socio-economic justice.

Political parties should increase the number of educated women in primary membership of their parties. More and more women should be given party tickets to contest elections. As a bird cannot fly only on one wing it is impossible for a nation to run effectively without the participation of women.

A society needs characteristics which are a woman’s own and which alone they can give: their warmth and untiring generosity, their love for detail, their quick-wittedness and intuition, their simple and deep piety and constancy…but if anything does not work at all, the writing on the wall says it all that “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world”.

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