Telangana’s peace ambassador invited to House of Commons, UK

Telangana’s international peace ambassador, M.A. Najeeb has been invited to attend a meeting of peace ambassadors and members of UPF International in the House of Commons, UK on April 13.

In the formal meeting at 12 midday in Committee Room 9, UPF International president Dr Thomas Walsh will address UPF members and introduce UPF from his point of view.

“UPF has a role both to promote a global consciousness as well as to promote a sustainable lifestyle. We would like to share these core principles of the UPF regarding family life,” read the invitation.

“UPF stands for one family of humanity under a loving and inclusive God. All people have equal and sacred value irrespective of their background. Humanity should develop this understanding and live for the sake of others to find inner happiness.”

In addition, Mr. Najeeb is scheduled to address the Council of the London Borough of Lambeth on April 13 at Elm Green School in London.

“On the occasion, the Council will be electing the Mayor Incumbent Councillor Saleha Jaffer as its first citizen…”, stated Mandy Plummer, the Mayor office staffer who sent official invitation to high-profile persons in Telangana.

Among those invited for the Election of Mayor ceremony from Telangana are: Assembly Speaker Madhusudhana Chary, Chief Minister KCR, Deputy CM Mahmood Ali, GHMC Mayor B. Ram Mohan, and state ministers.

Earlier, we reported that a farmer’s daughter from Nalgonda district in Telangana, Saleha Jaffer is all set to become Mayor of Lambeth, London. She is currently serving as Deputy Mayor there.

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