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CM KCR cautions against adverse effects of plastic

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said that the wealth of health is more valuable than all the wealth, and as such, the Government of Telangana has been working with commitment to facilitate to provide healthy environment for the present and future generations, and as part of that has been implementing the prestigious Telangana ku Haritaharam Program to increase the green cover in the state.

Remembering the significance of healthy environment, the Chief Minister has conveyed his greetings to all the lovers of environment and green cover lovers on the occasion of World Environment Day. He has also reemphasized the initiatives taken by his government to conserve environment.

The Chief Minister said that the impacts of Environmental changes around the world would be on us and everyone should be alert on this and put an end to use pollutants.

This year, on the occasion of Environment Day, United Nations is propagating against the use of Plastic. Plastic may make life better, but we need to be alert on the adverse effects caused by using plastic, he said.

KCR said that the state government recognised the importance of Green cover and cleanliness as soon as it assumed charge after the formation of Telangana and hence taken up Haritaharam on a large scale. “The government has taken up the task of providing clean atmosphere, clean drinking water and food.

Haritha haram programme was taken up to increase green cover in the state and for the past three years the progress of Haritaharam was more than satisfactory and the results are excellent. Everyone should put effort to take care of plants by watering and protecting them and must take up plantation to meet the needs of the future generations,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that Harithaharam would become successful only with the participation of people. He urged people to participate in the fourth phase of Haritaharam to be started in the month of July and everyone to take care of protecting the saplings.

Urban forest parks, avenue plantation is taken up in Haritaharam programme. He said that the government is planning to introduce electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. He reiterated that Telangana has achieved substantial progress in utilization of Solar energy.

The programme of forest rejuvenation taken up by Forest department has been getting good results, he said. (INN)

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