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ECI appoints 15 ROs, AROs in Hyderabad District

Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner and Hyderabad District Electoral Officer M. Dana Kishore informed that the Election Commission of India has issued notification appointing 15 Returning Officers and AROs for the ensuing elections.

In this connection, a training session was held for all the ROs and AROs today at GHMC Head Office. Recently some of the officers have imparted training in New Delhi with the ECI now the same officers are imparting training to the ROs and AROs that how to perform the duties as ROs while taking nominations etc.,

The DEO, Hyderabad District Joint Collector Ravi, Zonal Commissioner Hari Chandana, along with all the ROs, AROs, EROs held a training programme to the ROs and AROs to have a clear knowledge about the process of elections while performing their duties.

The DEO said that the main purpose of the training is to have a clear knowledge what is the role of the RO how to perform the duties of the RO, the duties while receiving nominations working of EVMs, VVPADS etc.,

how to conduct voting process, how to train the polling officers to perform their duties during elections, what is the model code of conduct, how to implement, what is the vulnerability mapping, what is the sensitive polling station providing facilities in the polling stations with minimum basic facilities including physically challenged people, how to deal the process while the day of nomination, scrutiny etc.,

Dana Kishore has also explained about all election related provisions of the Acts, Laws, the ROs have been provided with all the relevant books for which the ROs have to thoroughly go through them to be well acquainted to perform the duties of RO perfectly.

After 2 to 3 days there will be a training programme for ROs on 2 full days with which the ROs will in turn train their staff etc., to know the process of working during elections.

The ROs will identify the place and will also establish their office to take up the process of elections like receiving nominations etc.,

The DEO stated that flying squads and surveillance teams have been provided to all the ROs training is also being given to them how to monitor the flying squads along with the surveillance teams to derive best results.

Dana Kishore directed the ROs to inspect each and every polling stations of their jurisdiction to have a clear knowledge, to go through the books provided to them to concentrate on RP Act, handbook and other important books which will help them to perform their duties more effectively.

Joint Collector Ravi has given a Power Point Presentation about the role of the ROs their duties Do’s and Don’ts and explained in detailed about the entire process of the work pertaining to ROs and the training was lasted about 4 to 5 hours.

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