Techwave launches Cloud Platform iMicron

Hyderabad: Leading end-to-end IT Services Provider Techwave Inc today announced the launch of iMicron, a cloud marketplace platform that offers unified cloud enabled solutions.

With its distinct offering of solutions, cloud and support on a single platform, iMicron is best positioned to extend the cloud advantage to its customers. iMicron cloud marketplace is an ecosystem of buyers, sellers and solutions that enables organizations, partners to configure, provision and manage cloud technologies with ease.

It eliminates the complexity in procurement, management and support that is often inherent in cloud technologies.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Chandra Rao, Vice President, Cloud Business Services of Techwave, said: “We partnered with top cloud providers and have in-house multiple cloud expertise to offer widely reaching and deeply specialized solutions, retaining the cloud advantage.

iMicron is a one-stop solution to plan, buy and manage IT services, both cloud and on-premise.” To maximize value proposition for businesses, iMicron offers public, private and hybrid cloud services. The significant feature of the service includes pay-per-usage model with hourly and monthly subscription.

“Globally while more and more corporates are moving to cloud, cost optimization is missing in IT spend. With iMicronUnity, corporates can optimize their cloud resources. With its integrated machine learning capabilities, Unity can advise to aid in controlling costsacross all business units of an enterprise.

This is important for companies to fully realize the cost benefits of migrating to cloud,” explained Ms Sridevi Voleti, Director of Techwave of iMicron Platform. Technology-as-a-service:iMicron offers technology-as-a-service with analytics, information management and Paas with devops, database..

This service enables companies to focus on core business while iMicron manages all IT infrastructure and supports them. Reseller solution: Certified resellers can partner with iMicron and offer cloud-ready services and cloud solutions to clients and manage their cloud journey from the start to finish.

“Partnering with iMicron will enable resellers pick service providers based and reach larger audiences across geographies,” Sridevi said.

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