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Holistic, personalized wellness approach hits Hyderabad

Hyderabad: As India becomes wellness conscious, the need for the right direction is the prime concern. Especially at a time, when there are wellness and fitness centres mushrooming in every lane. There are experts who have a complete chart handy of the dos and don’ts for your body’s wellness.

So, the only way to know if the wellness programme you wish to subscribe is really a wellness programme or not is by listening to what the clients of these experts talk about their coaches. Here is a wellness platform that has roped in a wellness therapist whose client-list ranges from Real Madrid-player to the royal family of Saudi.

The new wellness forum in Hyderabad, V Circle Wellness, which aims to offer the best to its members has Dr Nick Bauer – Osteopath, Physiotherapist, FMR, and therapist – as the in-house expert.

His clients speak for his work. Real Madrid (football) player Iván González says, “During my time playing for Real Madrid, I had suffered from a torn foot ligament injury that would’ve damaged my career in football.

My teammate advised that I visit Nick in Germany for physiotherapy treatment and in a span of less than three weeks, I fully recovered and back on field with his help, he devised for me an everyday intensive therapy sessions that showed the best results.”

Anneysa Ghosh, the founder of V Circle Wellness, started this digital platform when she felt the need for a personalized wellness regime. “When I was suffering from severe back and neck issue, I was clueless as to what was causing it.

I also had migraine. I have been a fitness enthusiast with regular exercise and meditation. Despite all these measures, I ended up with health problems.” “This year in Germany, Dr Nick helped me cure my migraine and spine issues that resulted in me being more productive and feeling my best at any given time. I instantly wanted my family and friends to feel the same.

That was the time when V-Circle was born to give you access to the best wellness brands – International and Indian – curated only for your body and mind. At an affordable price.”

H H Sheikha Maisa Al Ali Dubai from the royal family says, “I have been in regular treatment with Nick for over a year now. He is extremely well versed and knowledgeable not only in treatment but in human anatomy which he ensures to simplify and explain.

He customized a personalized recovery program making sure I get the right treatment based on how I feel that day. It does an outstanding job. I highly recommend Nick.”

Yet another celebrity client Dr Med Karsten Albig, doctor of German National Football Team, shares, “Nick is one of the best physical therapists with whom I have worked in my medical career. Over a period of time he has treated athletes.

His medical knowledge in all areas is outstanding. Through his extensive professional qualifications in the fields of classic physiotherapy, manual medicine, lymphatic drainage, osteopathy, Fascia Therapy, sports – and movement teaching and various other methods in therapy, he was able to significantly help injured athletes and general people heal faster more than other therapists.”

Dr Nick assesses the musculoskeletal system of a client and then designs a personalized holistic wellness regime. His therapy for physical pain, osteopathy and functional exercises increase agility and mobility in patients.

Also, there is provision for unique method of customizing treatment plans based on the patients physical state that may occur due to workload of the regular desk job to the intensely demanding schedule of professional athletes.

At V Circle Wellness, one gets a holistic wellness programme.

● V Circle Wellness is a digital platform by a Hyderabad-based founder

● In-house expert Dr Nick Bauer also wellness instructor of Real Madrid Football player, Royal family of UAE, and several other celebrities from across the globe

● Personalized wellness programmes for the members

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