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BJP and TRS contestants are influencing voters through freebies, alleges Sravan

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Election Campaign Committee Convenor and Khairatabad PRAJAKUTAMI Congress Contestant Dr. Sravan Dasoju complained to Election Officer against BJP and TRS contestants alleging malpractices

Speaking to media persons, Dr. Sravan alleged that both TRS and BJP contestants are distributing money, liquor and goods to lure voters.

He also alleged that an unprecedented use of money being distributed in the early hours of day and in the late nights by TRS Contestant Danam Nagender. Further, those who are not supporting him are being threatened.

Dr. Sravan also alleged that BJP Contestant Chinthala Ramachandra Reddy is alluring voters by distributing coupons to the voters to collect Mixers and Grinders as a bribe to win the elections at any cost.

He complained that both BJP and TRS candidates are violating the Election Code of Conduct and dismantling the Democracy.

If such malpractices are continued, I am afraid if there is any possibility to conduct the elections in a fair and free manner in Khairatabad Constituency, he added.

Dr. Sravan also handed over the coupons distributed by BJP MLA Contestant Chintala Ramchandra Reddy to Election Officer and requested to file appropriate legal cases against TRS and BJP candidates and further, disqualify the candidates as per the Election Code of Conduct. He also reported against the police officers for not taking effective and serious steps to stop the malpractices.

He urged the authorities to immediately intervene in the matter and send special observers to see that there is no misuse of official machinery, police personnel and the blatant violation of election code of conduct is put a halt to.

Dr. Sravan is accompanied by TPCC Secretaries Mogulla Raji Reddy, Charan Koushik Yadav, Madhukar Yadav, CPI leader Harinath, Former Corporator Shaik Shareef. (INN)

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