Forest Dept rescues endangered Vulture

Hyderabad: The Forest Department helpline located at Aranya Bhavan received a phone call on Friday informing that a Vulture was found near Asifnagar Cross Road.

Immediately the staff of Anti-Poaching Squad, Hyderabad proceeded to the spot and contacted two persons by name Md. Abdul Nayeem and Md. Abdul Azeem of Asifnagar who had given the information to Forest Department.

On arrival, the Forest staff identified the Bird as White Backed Vulture Juvenile (Young one). The Bird appeared weak and de-hydrated.

The informants immediately handed over the Vulture to Forest staff, which was then taken to Veterinary hospital in Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad by 10.00 PM in the night.

The Vulture on arrival at the Zoo Park was provided water mixed with Electral powder. The Vulture started recovery and by early morning was active. It has since started taking meat (Mutton) cut into pieces. The Vulture is under observation at the Zoo Park.

The White Backed Vulture is a critically endanger species in India and globally and has not been sighted in and around Hyderabad city in last 20 years.

Discovery of this Bird is a matter of great importance and the Forest Department will be investigating to find out the nesting site of the Vultures from where this Juvenile Bird could have strayed out. (INN)

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