Myth busting video on Zakir Naik Controversy from Tajalli Production

Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was in news for all the wrong reasons for over a week in national media, following a Daily Star news report allegedly referring a terrorist who was involved in recent Dhaka attack as a fan of the preacher.

Finding it a suitable opportunity, many major media outlets in India vent their anger against popular Muslim figure Dr. Zakir Naik, and even accused him of being a terrorist sympathiser.

They quoted a few cherry picked statements from his lengthy lectures, and accused him of promoting terrorism.

But how true are their allegations levelled against Zakir Naik? A short video by Hyderabad based Tajalli Productions places things in context to busts the myth.

Watch: Allegations on Zakir Naik and their answers:

Note: Views expressed are of Tajalli Production. It not necessarily mean those of the editorial board.

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