HER India Conference to held in August at ISB

Hyderabad: US based global non-profit organisation, the International STEM Society for Human Rights (ISSHR), informed that “H.E.R (Humanity Education & Rights) India Conference”, the first international conference on exploring modern science and technology solutions for humanity, education and rights, will held at Indian School of Business (ISB) from August 23rd to 25th.

The H.E.R. Conference is a flagship multi-day conference program hosted annually in various countries around the world, which provides individuals and organizations who are responsible for making significant impacts in the human rights cause to present their work in an engaging environment which will enable them to gain further support for their cause, and motivate audiences to participate more actively towards the preservation of human rights.

The H.E.R. Conference features talks, film screenings, arts exhibitions, and opportunities and special programs for local community members and stakeholders to collaborate. Preference will be given to leaders from communities local to the hosting country, and especially for women and youth leaders.

Through the H.E.R. India Conference, the International STEM Society for Human Rights seeks to provide a uniform platform for human rights activists, government personnel, corporate institutions, educational institutions, NGO’s, and individuals themselves, to be able to discuss their work and contribution towards the human rights cause.

It will enable general public to engage in mutual goals to preserve universal human rights. It will also provide opportunities for youth and school students to present their contributions and projects towards the human rights cause.

“The H.E.R. India Conference will bring together government officials, NGOs, professors, teachers, and students from Hyderabad and around the world, to discuss, debate, and implement solutions which aim to address India’s most urgent human rights crises”, informed ISSHR Founder & Chairman, Rajiv Uttamchandani who is an astrophysicist, professor, and social entrepreneur from the United States.

Some of the topics which will be discussed during the Conference include use of technology to preserve universal human rights; Violence against women and girls; Empowerment of women; Child marriage, slavery, & human trafficking; Bullying & cyber crimes, gender equality, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), Child Marriage, Child Pornography , Sexual Assaults and others. (INN)

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