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OU offers internships to BE, and ME students

Hyderabad: The Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (A centre under RUSA 2.0), Osmania University, released a poster to offer internships to students from BE & ME.

There is a considerable interest among the students to take up challenging projects, which can help them to learn the concepts and apply the latest languages, tools, technologies and frameworks to the most demanding and stimulating problems in their domain of specialization.

The Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is an enabler in this process.

Applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Deep Learning to various areas like Large Language models for Translation, Question answering, next word prediction, Computer vision for multi-label classification, image tagging, filtering, robotic movement management, antenna design and optimization, deep learning for healthcare, managing Smart Grids, intelligent 3 D Printing, Climate change, management of structures and Water Quality management are some of the challenging areas.

The CoE, AIML is offering Internships to students of the Final Semester of BE and ME courses of all engineering branches, for 12 weeks starting from 10th February 2022.

The students have been advised to visit the website for details about the schedule, etc., (INN)

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