Telangana consumes 15,497 MW of power on March 30

Hyderabad: A maximum demand of 15,497 MW was recorded at 11:01 am on Thursday making it the highest-ever power consumption day in the history of Telangana so far. Officials revealed that this high consumption has been registered since the beginning of this month. Southern Telangana is second in electricity consumption.

It is known that on March 14 (Tuesday) at 10:03 am, 15,062 megawatts of electricity were consumed in the state. Exactly two weeks later on Thursday at 11:01 am, 15,497 MW power consumption was recorded, said Transco and Genco CMD Prabhakar Rao.

Officials claim that electricity consumption was increasing day by day in the state. They said that with the increase in cultivated area and the increase in industrial requirements, the demand for electricity has increased. It is stated that 37 per cent of the total electricity demand in the state was from the agriculture sector. He clarified that Telangana was the state that consumes the most electricity for the agricultural sector in the country.

The highest consumption of 14,160 megawatts of electricity was in the month of March last year. Last December, 14,750 megawatts of electricity were consumed, surpassing this record.On Thursday, 15,497 megawatts of electricity were consumed. CMD Prabhakar Rao said that it has been predicted that the electricity demand of 15,000 MW would be registered in the month of March. That is why as per the instructions of chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, all arrangements have been made in advance for the supply of power without interruption. It is estimated that there will be a demand of more than 16,000 Megawatts during the summer this year. (INN) 

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