T-Works to establish a multi-layer PCB fabrication facility for rapid prototyping

Hyderabad: T-Works, a Government of Telangana initiative and India’s largest prototyping centre, and Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd. entered into a grant agreement to establish a unique multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication facility at T-Works. The facility will enable the rapid fabrication of up to 12-layer boards to accelerate electronic product prototyping and development.

Qualcomm India is supporting this initiative as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program in India. This initiative aligns with several programs driven by Qualcomm across the country aimed at enabling and supporting design and innovation in India.

Sujai Karampuri, CEO T-Works said, “We are making Telangana, and indeed India, the preferred manufacturing destination for electronics. Electronics is at the heart of modern technology and the PCB prototyping facility will enable entrepreneurs to build high-tech products, allowing global brands to be launched from India. We are also extremely pleased to have Qualcomm partner with us and bring decades of experience and expertise to ensure this facility’s success. Corporates partnering with us is a validation of the vision and direction of T-Works.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Shashi Reddy, VP, of Engineering, at Qualcomm India Private Limited said, “We are extremely happy to collaborate with T-Works for this pioneering project. As a leading technology company, we understand the need for such facilities to drive innovation. We also understand that not everyone will have the same kind of reach and resources that we have. The Telangana Government has taken a massive stride in the form of T-Works to democratise access to high-end tools as well as talent. It shows their commitment to making India a leader in product innovation with Hyderabad at its epicentre.”

Electronic boards have been integral to products for several decades and quality PCB prototyping is needed to get from product idea to validation. It currently takes a PCB manufacturer anywhere between 10 to 15 days to fabricate an electronics board at certain minimum order quantities and first-time entrepreneurs could find it difficult to identify the right manufacturer for their needs.

Through this facility, users will get quality PCBs at low volumes within a day. Educational and training programs for students and professionals will also be conducted here.This upcoming capability will support the development of a range of products including electric vehicles, medical devices, industrial automation products, consumer electronics, and so on. Innovators using T-Works will be able to design, fabricate, assemble, and test their electronic products, all under one roof. This drastically lowers the cost, time, and complexity of product innovation. (INN)

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