NIMS Hospital completes 50 successful kidney transplants in four months

Hyderabad: NIMS Hospital, a government-run facility, has achieved a significant milestone by completing 50 successful kidney transplant surgeries in the past four months under the Arogyasree scheme.

This achievement, which is rare even in corporate hospitals, has been made possible with the full support of the government, which provides free treatment worth 15 lakhs per patient.

Since the formation of Telangana state in 2014, NIMS Hospital has performed a total of 862 kidney transplant operations, averaging 100 operations per year since 2015. Last year, the hospital performed 93 kidney transplant surgeries. The recent success of completing 50 kidney transplant surgeries in just four months is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the NIMS Urology Team.

The Arogyasree scheme is providing free heart, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, skin, cornea, bone tissue, heart valve, and blood vessel transplant surgeries, making expensive medical treatment accessible to the poor.

Finance and Health Minister Harish Rao congratulated the NIMS doctors who performed the kidney transplant surgeries, calling it a “feat that is rare even in corporate hospitals.” He praised the leadership of CM KCR for making expensive medical treatment available to the poor. Telangana is currently leading the country in organ donations, and the government is encouraging more organ donations to provide a better quality of life to those waiting to enrol in the Jeevan Dhan program.

The NIMS Urology Team, led by Dr. Rahul Devaraj, Professor & HOD, along with Dr. CH Ram Reddy, Professor, Dr. S. Vidya Sagar, Dr. G. Ramachandraiah, Dr. G. V. Charan Kumar, Dr. Dheeraj, Dr. Arunkumar, Dr. Sunil, Dr. Vinay, Dr. Vishnu, Dr. Janaki, Dr. Pawan, Dr. Harsha, Dr. Pooverson, Dr. Suraj, Dr. Sharukh, Dr. Aanth, and the anaesthesia team of Drs. Nirmala, Indira, Kiran, and Shibani, as well as the Nephrology team of Dr. T. Gangadhar, Dr. Sribhushan Raju, and Dr. G. Swarnalatha, were instrumental in achieving this milestone. Their tireless efforts have helped make NIMS Hospital one of the top hospitals in the country for kidney transplants, and the government aims to continue providing advanced medical treatment to those in need.Gandhi Hospital is currently setting up an organ transplant centre with Rs. 35 crore, and the services will be expanded once it is operational. The government aims to continue making advanced medical treatment accessible to all, regardless of their financial situation. (INN)

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