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Writers have a bigger responsibility to play in society: K Kavitha

Hyderabad: BRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha called upon the writers to not only use their pens but also to use their tools for the welfare of society. She hoped that there would be literature that works for the welfare of society.

Speaking during the 5th meeting of the Harida Writers Association held in Nizamabad on Wednesday, she stressed the need to drive away the elements that are predating upon humanity. She said that Dasaradhi and Vattikota Alvaruswamy were imprisoned in Indore Jail during the Nizam period, and the words ‘Na Telangana Koti Ratanala Veena’ written by Dasaradi with charcoal on the wall of that jail showed the way for the whole Telangana movement. She said that she spent Rs 40 lakhs from her MLC funds to develop that Jail. He said that the statue of Dasarathi was being installed there on the occasion of Dasarathi Jayanti on July 22.

She said that reading a book was like experiencing a life. But movies are not like that and very few movies are thought-provoking. She said that if we do not involve children in the book culture, we would lose the ability to see and respond to the worst. (INN) 

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