Minister KTR hails Telangana’s remarkable progress under KCR’s leadership

Hyderabad: IT Minister K. Tarakarama Rao, while unfurling the national flag at the Rajanna Sircilla District Collectorate as part of Telangana State’s 10th-anniversary celebrations, commended the state’s extraordinary development achieved in just nine years under Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s leadership. He emphasized that Telangana has become a role model for the entire country in terms of welfare and development.

Minister KTR credited KCR’s humanitarian approach, constructive thinking, visionary planning, and transparent administration for the recognition that the Telangana model has garnered at both the national and international levels. Despite facing economic depression and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Telangana has emerged as a formidable economic force, thanks to the efficient financial management and uninterrupted implementation of public welfare schemes by the state government, he said.

He emphasized that Telangana’s development approach prioritizes equal growth across rural, urban, and city areas, catering to the aspirations of all social groups within the state.

Minister KTR specifically praised Rajanna Sircilla district for its unique contribution to Telangana’s progress, highlighting its advancements in various fields. He noted that the development of agriculture, which serves as the foundation for other sectors, is a key focus area for Telangana.

He stated that Telangana’s successful agricultural schemes have inspired farmers in other states to demand similar policies from their respective governments. Under KCR’s good governance, Telangana has prioritized farmers’ welfare, implementing initiatives such as Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, 24-hour electricity for agriculture, farmer loan waivers, pond restoration, timely distribution of fertilizers and seeds, and strict control over adulterated seeds.

Minister KTR highlighted the significant increase in net cultivated land in the Rajanna Sircilla district, reaching 2,40,430 acres in 2016 from the previous 1,77,960 acres, owing to uninterrupted development in the irrigation sector and groundwater management. Through the Rythu Bandhu scheme, a total of Rs 1,130 crore has been directly deposited into the accounts of 1,33,658 farmers in the Sircilla district in 10 instalments. Additionally, the government is actively promoting oil palm cultivation in Telangana to provide farmers with stable income and an improved standard of living, with Rs 1000 crores allocated in the state budget for this purpose, he said.He also highlighted the government’s efforts to support farmers through the construction of modern warehouses, increasing their storage capacity from 4200 metric tons to 55,000 metric tons in the Sircilla district at a cost of Rs 33 crores. Furthermore, for the convenience of farmers, the number of agricultural committees has increased from three to eight in the district, he said. (INN)

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