Minister KTR pitches Telangana to Foxconn

Hyderabad: Telangana’s Industries Minister K T Rama Rao met Young Liu, Chairman of Foxconn today in New Delhi.

Taiwan-based Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) (TWSE: 2317) is one of the leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider globally and is one of the largest suppliers for many top-tier international customers. Foxconn has manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In 2021, Hon Hai‘s annual revenue reached USD 206 billion worldwide. The company ranked 22nd on the Fortune Global 500 in 2021.

During the interaction, Minister and Young Liu discussed Foxconn’s plans of expanding its footprint in India. Minister KTR also took the opportunity to pitch Telangana to the officials from Foxconn corporation present during the meeting for potential investment opportunities.

KTR further briefed Young Liu on the initiatives undertaken by State Government towards creating an enabling environment and infrastructure for fostering electronics manufacturing in Telangana. Young Liu was pleased to note the progress made by the State in the last 08 years.

Chairman Liu discussed the company’s future plans and said, “India is an attractive manufacturing destination, and we would like to see how we can expand our manufacturing footprint. Our India experience has been exciting, and we look forward to exploring the opportunities that Telangana as a state offers.”

Minister KTR said, “Foxconn is one of the biggest employers globally in the domain of Electronics manufacturing. We are excited about their decision to venture into EV manufacturing too. I assure the company of the best support possible from Telangana and invite the team to explore Telangana.”

Telangana has emerged as a preferred investment destination for investments in the electronics sector and boasts of a vibrant R&D and innovation ecosystem. The State is equipped with robust industrial infrastructure and is well-positioned to meet the requirements of global majors.

Principal Secretary ITE&C, I&C Jayesh Ranjan and Director Electronics Sujai Karampuri were also present during the meeting. (INN)

KTR asks the Centre to review the controversial Agnipath scheme

Hyderabad: Agnipath scheme is killing the aspirations of millions of youth who want to join the armed forces and serve the nation, said TRS Working President K. Tarakarama Rao.

Without any consultation, the BJP Govt at the center has taken a unilateral decision on the Agnipath scheme, KTR said. He stated that the farmers weren’t consulted before introducing farm laws, traders weren’t consulted before bringing GST, citizens of the nation were neglected during demonitization, and the minorities were ignored when CAA was proposed

The BJP Govt at the center has played with the lives of farmers with draconian farm laws and is now adversely affecting the soldiers with schemes like Agnipath, said KTR.  He also said that the Union Govt should take complete responsibility for the protests taking place across the nation.

The center has reduced the army from ‘one rank-one pension’ to ‘no rank – no pension,’ said KTR. He stated that this is a scheme that is pushing the national security and future of youth into danger, which is a threat to the nation.

KTR mentioned that the agitations across the country against this controversial scheme show how intense the unemployment problem in India is. He also added that the youth of the nation is not happy with the Union Govt and its policies.

He stated that the BJP at the center is trying to privatize the military of the country which shows their inefficiency in governance. 

TRS Working President KTR stated that 75% of the youth who join the army through the Agnipath scheme will become unemployed at the end of the fourth year. He questioned what would happen to the youth who finish a four years career in the army and come out.

KTR stated that the Union Govt has failed miserably in providing employment opportunities to the army officials who served for many years risking their lives for the safety and security of the country.

KTR trashed the words of the Union Govt which stated that the youth after completing four years will get jobs in private firms. He added that no citizen in the country would believe the words of Prime Minister Modi after he failed to deliver his promise of two crore jobs every year in the country.

This scheme will majorly affect the youth coming from rural areas who aspire to join the army and serve the nation, KTR said. He also stated that this controversial scheme will disturb the organizational culture, traditions, and values that have kept the Indian Army at the highest pedestal for decades.

KTR stated that the Union Govt is negatively affecting the spirit of the armed forces by taking such decisions at a time when the neighboring countries are posing a threat to the security of the country.

Setting aside national security, BJP is keen on financial elements, KTR said. He added that this is a cheap attempt made by the BJP Govt to save the pension money which is given to the retired officers.

KTR demanded the Prime Minister to respond to these protests and also make his stand public to clear the doubts of the unemployed youth.

TRS working President KTR added that the TRS party understands the agony of the protesters.KTR conveyed his condolences to the youth who died in the protests at the Secunderabad Railway station today. He said that the Union Govt should take complete responsibility for this death. (INN)

Switzerland headquartered Ferring Pharma announces Eur 60 Mn expansion plans for Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Ferring Pharma has announced the establishment of another formulation unit in India at Hyderabad for manufacturing of its product called Pentasa (Mesalazine). Ferring will invest approximately €60M over the next 2-3 years for establishing this manufacturing facility. Pentasa (Mesalazine) is a Ferring product used for the treatment and long-term management of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) including Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease.  It is prescribed to treat the mild to moderate symptoms of active IBD as well as used widely as maintenance therapy to reduce the risk of recurrent attacks.

Pentasa is available orally as tablets and granules (sachets) within Europe and the rest of the world, with the exception of the US. In the US, Shire US, Inc. sells Pentasa under a trademark license from Ferring. Ferring produces the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), Mesalazine, at two of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities – in Denmark and in India, near Mumbai. As of 2020 (QYResearch), Ferring was the largest Mesalazine producer in the world. At present, Ferring has only one formulation unit for producing Pentasa in St. Prex, Switzerland and now Ferring has decided to establish another formulation unit at Hyderabad (Ferring Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.).

The announcement was made after Minister KT Rama Rao’s meeting with the leadership of Ferring – Alessandro Gilio, Executive Vice President and Chief Manufacturing and Supply Officer, Armin Metzger, Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, Francois Hosotte, Vice President Strategic Projects and Engineering and Bhavin Vaid, Senior Director, Corporate Communications at World Economic Forum, Davos. Jayesh Ranjan IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce Dept. and Shakthi M Nagappan, Director Lifesciences, Government of Telangana were also present during the meeting.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people around the world build families and live better lives. Headquartered in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, Ferring is a leader in reproductive medicine and maternal health, and in specialty areas within gastroenterology and urology. Ferring has been developing treatments for mothers and babies for over 50 years and has a portfolio covering treatments from conception to birth. Founded in 1950, privately-owned Ferring now employs approximately 6,000 people worldwide, has its own operating subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and markets its products in 110 countries.

K.T Rama Rao said that “I’m delighted to announce the expansion of Ferring Pharma in Hyderabad. I had the pleasure of inaugurating the facility only last month and just a month after, the company has decided to invest an additional Eur 60 Mn based on their seamless experience of setting up their first facility in Hyderabad. This only reinstates the confidence global companies are reposing in Hyderabad’s ecosystem and also a testament to the pro-business policies of Telangana Government.”  (INN)

Hyderabad emerges as the second-largest base for Swiss headquartered Novartis

Hyderabad/Davos: Minister for IT and Industries K.T. Rama Rao met with Vasant Narasimhan, Chief Executive Officer, Novartis on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum to discuss the growth witnessed by Novartis in Telangana and their expansion plans. Novartis is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in Basel, Switzerland. It is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The Minister noted that with nearly 9000 associates, Novartis Hyderabad grows into the second-largest location for the company, after their headquarters in Basel, based on the headcount. Further, Novartis Capability Center in Hyderabad is the largest such capability centre by a global pharma major in India.

The growth of Novartis in the city is driven by a focus on innovation and the centre has become an important innovation hub for the company. Incidentally, the company had also chosen Hyderabad as the APAC hub for its innovation initiative called Biome with a focus on several key new innovative areas like AI, Data & Digital.

The company continues to leverage the rich capabilities of Hyderabad in the Science, Technology and Innovation ecosystem to drive important activities for the company. The growth of Novartis in Hyderabad serves as the testimony to Hyderabad’s growing R&D prowess and extraordinary talent pool. Hyderabad today is serving more than 1000 global innovators in their vision to improve healthcare and Research & Development around the globe.

K.T Rama Rao said that, “I am extremely proud that Hyderabad has emerged as the largest global hub for Novartis outside its headquarters. With a massive 9000 people headcount, I am truly impressed with the kind of cutting edge work – be it the data, digital and AI / ML – that happens at the center. Novartis has already placed Hyderabad on a global map in the life sciences sector and there cannot be a better endorsement for the ecosystem in Hyderabad”. (INN)

Minister KTR speaks on the use of AI by the Govts at a panel discussion of WEF in Davos

Hyderabad: IT & Industries Minister KTR shared his thoughts on ‘AI on the Street: Managing Trust in the Public Square’ at a panel discussion at World Economic Forum in Davos.

Speaking at the session, Minister KTR said, “Big challenge in using technologies like Facial Recognition coupled with AI, is for us to be able to gain citizens’ confidence that the Govt. is unbiased in their use of data & citizens are not surveilled unless they have been notified.”

Minister KTR also stated that the only way to be able to achieve this would be to first clearly identify the regulatory powers that each of the Government Organizations would require. “These powers must be given to them in a parliamentary and a fully transparent method,” Minister KTR said.

“Facial Recognition has reduced the dependency on physical resources and time taken to find criminals and missing people. With the right regulatory outreach, we can make it far easier for police and also support the citizens with their needs,” Minister KTR said.

Emphasizing making the process transparent, the Minister stated that every single step that the government will take to be able to use Facial Recognition needs to be shared with the public first before it is being used by the Government Organizations. This needs to be formally bestowed upon them following the rules of democracy.

Minister KTR stated that obtaining public confidence is very important. “The government understands the advantages that Facial Recognition provides in regulation and policing. The confidence that the public has in this system needs to be bolstered by optional systems that can expose them to the method and only then scale up.”

Talking about education within the government, the Minister said, “We need minds that are well-versed in AI, ML, Blockchain, Data Sciences and the risks that come with the use of the same. The data being used must be fully secured and the security must be verified.”

The other members of the panel discussion included Takayuki Morita, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Representative Director, NEC, Japan, Angie Nicole OD, Executive Director Ushahidi, South Africa, and Coen van Oostrom, CEO & Founder of Edge Tech. (INN)

Spanish multi-national Chemo to invest about Rs. 100 Cr in their Hyderabad site

Hyderabad): Spain headquartered Chemo Pharma has announced an investment of over Rs. 100 crores in the creation of the second line in their production area in Hyderabad for the production of pharmaceutical finished dosage forms. In 2021, the company has established additional QC and Stability Labs in their facility in Hyderabad and now is gearing towards commencing commercial operations utilizing upcoming line 2 in production.

The company is also planning to initiate a new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and R&D Centre in Hyderabad along with continuing new product development activities in solids and injectables in Genome Valley, Hyderabad.

The announcement was made after Minister KT Rama Rao’s meeting with the leadership of Chemo Group- Dr. Jean Daniel Bonny, R&D Director – Pharmaceuticals Generics Business at World Economic Forum, Davos. Jayesh Ranjan Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce Dept. and Shakthi M Nagappan, Director Lifesciences, Government of Telangana were also present during the meeting.

Chemo India Formulation started its operations in Genome Valley, Hyderabad in 2018 with the Research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical finished dosage forms with specialisation in oral dosage formulations. Since then, the company has witnessed tremendous growth and invested around 170 crores till now along with employment creation of around 270 people.

Dr. Jean briefed the Minister that Chemo India Formulation has been making significant contributions to global operations. The company has taken up around 25 new development projects in solids and 12 new development projects in injectables. Some of the products are getting approvals in the EU region and the entity in Spain is now working towards commercializing some of these products.  A global stability program has also been initiated in Chemo India and the installed capacity is 800 samples per month. Going forward, Chemo India Formulation will work toward strengthening the global stability program and continue to add value to global operations.

Chemo is part of the Spanish multinational Insud Pharma, which has been operating for over 40 years and has a team of 7,000 professionals worldwide. Chemo is a sector leader in the research, development and manufacturing of a broad variety of APIs and a full range of Finished Dosage Forms for both human and veterinary. Globally, Chemo has around 10 manufacturing plants, more than 1100 clients, 10 R&D centers, and more than 100 APIs and finished dosage forms.Minister Mr. K.T Rama Rao said that, “I am delighted that Chemo, a leading pharmaceutical company, is continuing to grow from Hyderabad. This is indeed a testament to the life sciences ecosystem in the city and Genome Valley”. (INN)

Promote the progress of the nation: Minister KTR to Indian Diaspora

Hyderabad: IT and Industries Minister K. Tarakarama Rao addressed the Indian Diaspora and India & UK-based industrialists at a meeting organized by the UK Consul General office at the Nehru Centre in London.

Minister KTR stated that India needs revolutionary policies and governance reforms to compete with the world and move forward.

He added that the young population of the country is the biggest asset and advantage which no other country has. 

Minister KTR opined that the country will see faster progress by creating an investment-friendly environment for global firms, which will further create jobs and improve international relations. He highlighted the policies and progress of Telangana State.

Minister KTR stated that Telangana is today a role model for the country. He explained the journey of Telangana state since its formation and mentioned how the State has overcome the crisis and has now grown into a favorite destination for global investments under the leadership of CM KCR. He added that the Telangana government’s friendly industrial policies played a crucial role in attracting investments.

During the session, Minister KTR stated that the prestigious Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project was constructed in a short span and that it became a game-changer for Telangana farmers.

The Minister stated that the achievements of Telangana should be considered as the achievements of India and needed to be shared with the world. He appealed to the Indian Diaspora to promote the progress of the nation.

KTR shared his views in response to questions from those present at the conference on several issues such as education, employment, current political developments in the country, and economic development.

Minister KTR received a standing ovation at the end of the speech.

India’s Deputy High Commissioner to London Sujit Ghosh, The Nehru Centre Director Amish Tripathi, and UK Deputy High Commissioner to AP and Telangana Andrew Fleming participated in the conference. (INN)

Minister KTR meets with the R&D head of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health

Hyderabad: Minister for IT and Industries K.T. Rama Rao met with Franck Riot, Global R&D Head GSK Consumer Health today to discuss the growth witnessed by the safety and regulatory set up of GlaxoSmithKline in Telangana and their expansion plans for the state.

GlaxoSmithKline is a healthcare company, which engages in the research, development, and manufacture of pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products. It operates through the following segments: Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Consumer Healthcare, and Corporate Executive Team (CET). GSK was the world’s sixth-largest pharmaceutical company according to Forbes as of 2019. GSK is the tenth largest pharmaceutical company with total revenue of USD 43,731.8 Million and employs around 94,000 people worldwide. The company also ranks 264 on the Fortune Global 500 list (2021). In 2020, GSK had 40 new medicines and 17 new vaccines in development.

Minister noted that the company has invested more than Rs. 710 crores in Hyderabad and have created total employment of around 125 people. The facility has been expanding rapidly since its establishment in 2016 and has witnessed an investment of around Rs. 340 crores in the last couple of years alone.

Going forward, the facility will continue to grow out of Hyderabad even as they separate from GSK to be an independent organization known as Haleon. Haleon will be a global leader 100% focused on consumer health and will have a clear purpose to deliver better everyday health to humanity with a focused strategy to deliver sustainable above-market growth and attractive returns to shareholders.

Hon’ble Minister welcomed the company’s continued investment in Telangana and assured them of all support from the State.  He said that “I’m delighted to note the remarkable growth of GlaxoSmithKline in Hyderabad. I’m sure that the regulatory and safety operations of GSK in Hyderabad will continue to play a pivotal role in attaining the vision of the GSK group. The government of Telangana will work hand-in-hand with the company and extend all the support required to further accelerate the presence of GSK in Hyderabad.”

Franck Riot added that the facility will also look for opportunities to expand its presence in the Hyderabad center as necessary to support its future aspirations. (INN)

UK-based SMS to set up lab for pharmaceutical powder characterisation in Hyderabad

Hyderabad/London: UK headquartered Surface Measurement Systems has announced the establishment of a Particle Characterisation Laboratory in Hyderabad and has aggressive expansion plans for the next 2 years. Spread across 7000 sqm, the facility will be a state-of-the-art laboratory with a focus on pharmaceutical powder characterisation. The facility will be the world centre of excellence for powder characterisation for SMS and is slated to attract both global and local Indian pharmaceutical customers.

The announcement was made after Minister KT Rama Rao’s meeting with the leadership of Surface Measurement Systems- Professor Daryl Williams, Managing Director, Daniel Villalobos, Global Channel Management & International Sales Manager, Syed Qutubuddin, Director, India Operations in London, United Kingdom. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce Dept. and Shakthi M Nagappan, Director Lifesciences, Government of Telangana were also present during the meeting.

The company leadership briefed the Minister that this Particle Characterisation Laboratories will be the only laboratory in India to offer specialised particle characterisation test services. In addition, the expertise in Particle Characterisation Laboratories, as well as Surface Measurement Systems, will allow these particle characterisation test services to be offered globally, with a focus on pharmaceutical powders. Specialist test services will include Dynamic Vapour Sorption measurement of water sorption isotherms of powders, as well as Inverse Gas Chromatographic determination of powder surface area and surface energy. Particle Characterisation Laboratories will be the only contract test laboratory in the world offering these specialist powder characterisation methods.

Surface Measurement Systems (SMS) develops and engineers innovative experimental techniques and instrumentation for Physico-chemical characterisation of complex solids. Surface Measurement Systems Limited is the world leader in advanced instruments for powder characterisation and has invented the Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) instrument. The company has business units in the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, China and India with a strong patent and science base company with >10 PhD scientists.

Minister K.T Rama Rao said that “I’m extremely happy to announce the entry of Surface Measurement Systems in Hyderabad. The establishment of this facility, which will be first-of-its-kind in Hyderabad is a testament to the city’s leadership position in the pharmaceutical sector and will accelerate growth in the sector.”Professor Daryl Williams, Managing Director, Particle Characterisation Laboratory, a Surface Measurement Systems Company said that “India has always been an attractive destination for a scientific company like Surface Measurement Systems. Telangana state’s progressive and investor-friendly policies have facilitated SMEs like us to establish a new state-of-the-art particle characterisation laboratory in Hyderabad. Particle Characterisation Laboratory (Hyderabad) will become a centre of excellence in particle characterisation not just in India but all around the world, working with all of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies”.  (INN)

Grid Dynamics launches its first India Operations in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Grid Dynamics Holdings, a leader in enterprise-level digital transformation services and solutions, announced today the opening of Grid Dynamics India as part of its ongoing global expansion efforts. Located in Hyderabad, a hub for engineering and business innovation in India, Grid Dynamics’ newest operational center is expected to ultimately employ 1,000 top-tier engineering talent from the region by the end of 2022.

“Establishing Grid Dynamics India gives us access to an exponential, broadly diverse talent pool and enables our scaling efforts as a public company,” said Leonard Livschitz, CEO of Grid Dynamics. “The Hyderabad location, with modern, class-A workspaces and a concentration of highly skilled and educated engineers will be a key contributor to our ongoing growth and help strengthen shareholder value. We are excited to further deepen our design thinking and agile development prowess, and ability to solve complex problems for Fortune 1000 customers.”

Industries Minister K. T. Rama Rao said that, “Hyderabad continuing to attract multinational companies is a testimony to the able and stable government that Telangana has, the excellent infrastructure the city offers, and the availability of abundant talent. We thank Leonard Livschitz, the CEO, for imposing faith in us. We are sure that the Hyderabad center will exceed all its growth estimates and become a key driver for the growth globally.”

Leonard Livschitz the CEO of Grid Dynamics along with Rajeev Sharma; CTO, Vadim Kozyrkov; SVP Delivery, Rahul Bindlish; VP Sales & Partnerships and Oksana Livschitz Director, Learning & Development met with Minister for IT and Industries, K. T. Rama Rao, Principal Secretary, Jayesh Ranjan, and Chief Relations Officer, Amarnath Reddy Atmakuri at the Pragathi Bhavan.

Hyderabad, India is a burgeoning market for technology innovation, with top-tier data and platform engineering talent and a large presence of leading technology providers and financial services companies. Grid Dynamics’ aggressive hiring goals will be achieved through multiple paths, including Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) deals with selected partners, direct hiring, and potential merger and acquisition activities. The company is focused on hiring reputable business and technology veterans in the region to serve as coaches and mentors to its workforce. Grid Dynamics India is also building forums and communities, such as Women Leaders in Technology, to support diversity and encourage participation by women STEM professionals.

“Given the prevalence of hyperscale technology providers in India, we plan to attract and retain the best and brightest talent through cutting edge technology projects, continuous educational initiatives, as well as career growth opportunities,” said Livschitz. “We will also offer state of the art facilities at premier locations and foster an open culture of collaboration and mutual respect through global international participation and engagement.”

Similar to its operations in Central & Eastern Europe, Grid Dynamics India workforce will have expertise across a number of technological areas, including Platform engineering and agile development, CI-CD/DevOps/MLOps, Data engineering expertise across all major cloud platforms, AI and Machine Learning, UI/UX and Design Thinking and Enterprise and solution architecture. (INN)