Minister KTR inaugurates GHMC Ward Office System in Kachiguda

Hyderabad:┬áMunicipal Administration Minister K Taraka Rama Rao inaugurated the GHMC ward office system in Kachiguda today, marking a significant milestone in the city’s administrative reforms. Minister KTR outlined the key features of the system during his speech, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the citizens and governance.

The ward office system aims to streamline civic services and ensure faster access for the residents of Hyderabad. By bringing services closer to the communities, the system enables the GHMC to swiftly address public issues and deliver efficient solutions. Minister KTR acknowledged the existing dearth of bureaucracy at the ward level and highlighted how the ward office system bridges this gap and enhances local governance.

Minister KTR underscored that the ward office system was implemented with the genuine intention of providing good governance to the citizens of Hyderabad. Beyond political affiliations, he called upon all public representatives to work together for the success of this system, emphasizing the importance of collaboration. He assured that the government would extend full support to the ward offices, irrespective of the political parties represented by the public representatives.

The success of this system in Hyderabad has the potential to serve as a model for other cities across the country. Minister KTR expressed his optimism that if the system proves effective in Hyderabad, it could be replicated nationwide, revolutionizing governance and service delivery. Hyderabad already stands at the forefront of cities known for their good governance, and the ward office system further strengthens this reputation.

Minister KTR affirmed his commitment to resolving them promptly through the ward office system. He acknowledged that being a new system, there might be initial challenges, but he assured the residents that the government would work tirelessly to overcome these obstacles and ensure the smooth functioning of the system.

The ward offices will be headed by Assistant Municipal Commissioners, responsible for overseeing various departments. A dedicated team of ten officers from departments such as road maintenance, sanitation, entomology, town planning, electricity, and water supply will operate from these offices. This ensures that issues related to these departments are monitored and addressed efficiently at the ward level. Furthermore, Minister KTR shared plans to attach additional officers from departments such as health and police to the ward offices in the future, ensuring comprehensive service delivery.

Minister KTR emphasized that the government’s commitment extends beyond just appointing officers; necessary arrangements for their efficient management and coordination will be made to ensure the optimal functioning of the ward offices. He further added that citizens can expect prompt solutions to their problems through this system and highlighted the availability of a Citizen Charter that outlines the responsibilities and services provided by GHMC through the ward offices.

The inauguration of the ward office system marks a significant step towards improving governance and service delivery in Hyderabad. As this novel system takes shape, the government remains dedicated to its success and looks forward to the positive impact it will have on the lives of the citizens. (INN)

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