The previous glory of Warangal would be restored: KTR

Hyderabad: IT & Industries Minister K T Rama Rao said that the state has black gold as well as white gold. “Cotton grown in the Telangana state is of the highest quality in the country. We have skilled workers and Kakatiya Textile Park is the largest textile park in the country,” he said adding that the Warangal would be restored to its former glory.

Minister KTR laid the foundation stone for Young One Company Textile Industry at Kakatiya Mega Textile Park in Sayampeta, Warangal on Saturday. Speaking later, he said that 99 per cent of the jobs in the companies set up here will be given to locals. He said that thousands of people will get job opportunities with Young One company. It has been revealed that there are many employment opportunities in the agriculture and textile sector in the country.

KTR said that the number one cotton is grown in the Warangal district. He said that there is going to be a textile park at the international level. More industries will be brought to the district. He said that Ganesha Company has already invested Rs.600 crores. He said that a thousand people have got jobs in the company. He said that Young One Company will set up a total of 11 industries through which thousands of job opportunities will be created. He said that 99 per cent of the jobs in the industries that are built here will go to the locals. He said 33,000 people are getting jobs due to the three companies in Warangal district. Priority will be given to women in jobs. He said that the clothes made in Warangal are exported to foreign countries.

The Minister said that Kakatiya Mega Textile Park has become a model for the PM Mitra scheme. He said that CM KCR’s ideas have become a guiding light for the Centre. Warangal Kakatiya Mega Textile Park has become a compass for the country. He said that 30 per cent of the municipal and panchayat awards in the country are ours. He said that a state with 3 per cent population gets 33 per cent awards.

He said that Telangana is becoming an example for the country in terms of development and welfare. We have worked hard for you for five years and now we want you to stand by us, he said. He said that the opposition parties are afraid to contest against Dharma Reddy in Parakala and they are changing their constituencies and going elsewhere. He said that the farmers who have given land to Kakatiya Textile Park are being felicitated. He made it clear that BRS will win the elections in November and December and KCR will become a hat-trick CM.Young One Company Chairman Chang Joy Bok said that Telangana is number one in development. He said he was happy to set up a textile industry in Warangal. He said that he wants to fulfill the mission of Young One Company. (INN) 

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