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Mega job fair in Nizamabad receives great response

Hyderabad: A mega job fair organized by Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) in Nizamabad on Friday received a great response. A large number of unemployed youth attended the job fair, which was organized to fill the jobs in the newly constructed IT hub.

The program was inaugurated by RTC Chairman Bajireddy Govardhan, MLC Ganesh Gupta, and MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha. Speaking on the occasion, Kavitha said that the establishment of an IT hub in Nizamabad district was a great step. She said that the IT hub would provide IT jobs at the rural level and help to create additional jobs. She also urged the youth to use the IT hub space to develop their skills.

Kavitha said that the IT hub would be the focal point for software development in Nizamabad. She said that this was only the first phase of the project and that the second phase would be started soon. She expressed hope that Nizamabad would become a leading IT hub in the country.

The job fair was attended by representatives from several companies, including Arupa Technologies, Bharat Cloud, Brio Technologies, Chitrapuri Film Festival, Critical River Technologies, Dharani Geospatial Technologies, Digital ML Solutions, DS Technologies, HRH Next, IT America, Pranathi Software Services, Vetel, Global Communication, and Vimax E Solutions India Private Limited.The job fair was a great success, and many young people were able to find jobs. This is a positive development for Nizamabad, as it will help to boost the local economy and provide opportunities for the youth. (INN) 

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