Kadem project gates lifted following heavy inflow

Hyderabad: Heavy rains in the upper areas have flooded the Kadem project, a major irrigation project in the Nirmal district of Telangana. The flood water has increased since Friday morning, and the officials of the project have opened 12 gates one by one to release the water downstream.

The inflow into the project is 1,69,300 cusecs, and 1,47,800 cusecs of water is being released downstream. The full water level of the Kadem project is 700 feet, and currently, it is at 696.575 feet. The water capacity of the project is 7.603 TMC, and the current water storage is 6.738 TMC.Nirmal District Collector Varun Reddy and Khanapur MLA Rekha Nayak visited the Kadem project on Friday to assess the situation. The officials told them that some floodgates could not be opened due to technical problems. However, the situation is under control, and technical experts will be brought in to repair the gates. (INN)

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