Arogya Mahila Scheme: 185,492 women screened in 20 weeks

Hyderabad:┬áThe Arogya Mahila Scheme, launched by the Telangana government on International Women’s Day this year, has screened a total of 185,492 women in the past 20 weeks. The scheme provides comprehensive health care for women, including medical tests, diagnosis, and treatment.

The state health department has revealed that an average of 65 women visit the Arogya Mahila clinics each week, and 25% of them undergo the necessary diagnostic tests. The most common tests performed are for oral cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

In the case of oral cancer, 1,42,868 women were tested and 859 were suspected of having the disease. Out of 1,41,226 women screened for breast cancer, 1,313 had symptoms, and 26 were found to have the disease. 33,579 women were screened for cervical cancer, and 1,340 had symptoms. After testing, 26 were found to have the disease.

Women who are diagnosed with cancer are referred to MNJ Cancer Hospital for treatment.Health Minister Harish Rao said that the government started the Arogya Mahila Scheme to provide comprehensive health care for women. He urged all women to take advantage of the scheme and get screened for diseases. (INN) 

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