Rapido Offers FREE Rides to 2600 Polling Booths Across Hyderabad

Hyderabad: As the heartbeat of democracy quickens in Telangana with the impending state elections on November 30, 2023, Rapido, India’s trailblazing ride-sharing platform, is set to rock the foundation with an audacious move.

In a daring display of civic empowerment, Rapido announces the launch of FREE rides to over 2600 polling stations in Hyderabad on Election Day. With this move, Rapido is liberating voters from the shackles of transportation hurdles, ensuring every voice resonates on November 30, 2023.

Commenting on Rapido’s initiative, Co-founder of Rapido, Pavan Guntupalli, expressed, “India’s democracy is its biggest highlight, and we are proud to be the disruptors in making every vote count. We urge people to participate in greater numbers to cast their voting rights without worrying about transportation. By facilitating free bike rides on Election Day, we intend to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote.”

While the golden opportunity comes once in 5 years when people stand as equal in the same line to make their vote count, the story of Urban Hyderabad could be more awe-inspiring. For in the last three Assembly elections, the 24 urban constituencies of Greater Hyderabad have recorded a voter turnout ranging between 40% and 55%. Ironically, the entire state recorded a higher voter turnout ranging from 72% to 74%.

To ride the democracy wave, simply enter the one-time code “VOTENOW,” and join the movement to redefine civic participation. This initiative reflects Rapido’s commitment to boosting voter turnout in Telangana, particularly among its predominantly young user base. Recognizing transportation as a critical factor in voter participation, Rapido’s offer of free rides aims to boost widespread participation in the election process, ensuring that many can actively partake in the festival of democracy.

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