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Rotary donates Upgraded Neonatal ICU at Niloufer Hospital worth Rs 48 Lakhs

Hyderabad: Rotary Club of Hyderabad Mavericks and Rotary Club of Global Wizards together have donated “Upgraded Neonatal ICU” to Neloufer Hospital.  This was done under Rotary Global Grant No. GG2456871. 

Disclosing this in a press note issued in the city today, Rotarians Vanasri Proddutur, Laxminarayana Deshini, President and Secretary of Rotary Club of Hyderabad Mavericks and Srivardhan Ganta, N. Venkata Raju, President and Secretary of Rotary Club of Global Wizards

The project marks a significant milestone in advancing healthcare facilities for neonates in our community. This project was initiated by Rotary District Chairman Service Projects Suren Poruri of the Rotary Club of Global Wizards.

This project was aimed to enhance neonates’ treatment facilities at Niloufer Hospital, a revered institution established in 1953. This advanced equipment includes high-quality imaging scanning machines, pulse oximeters with neonatal probes, multi-channel monitors, T-Piece Resuscitators, phototherapy units, syringe pumps and refrigerators, all aimed at enhancing the capacity to provide faster and more accurate diagnoses of critical cases of pre-and post-birth complications.

The purpose of donating this equipment was to provide faster turnaround time in high-risk deliveries, enhance the capacity to provide additional high-risk deliveries, better monitoring of pre- and post-delivery neonatal care and better assessment of neonatal conditions.

By this upgrade, the hospital’s capacity is enhanced to treat high-risk babies effectively. This means that a greater number of babies can now receive the critical care they need, increasing their chances of survival and improving their overall health outcomes.

On average over 300 high-risk babies will benefit from this project every month and 2500+ in a year. This goes a long way in dedication to saving lives and providing essential healthcare services in their time of need.

The Neonatal ICU Upgradation Project is not just about providing medical equipment; it is about making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable newborns and their families

The project which was completed recently is the culmination of efforts under the Rotary Global Grant project, wherein the Rotary Club of Hyderabad Mavericks and Global Wizards, in collaboration with Rotary Clubs Simsbuy-Granby, Livermore & Westwood Village, all from the USA, donated equipment for the NICU worth 48 Lacs. This generous contribution will greatly enhance the capacity of the NICU, ensuring optimal care for newborn babies.

The collective efforts of all stakeholders underscore the power of collaboration in driving positive change and improving healthcare outcomes for our community.

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