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Defence Ministry Looking into Provision to Allow Muslims in NCC to Sport Beard

Ministry of Defence is looking into provision to allow aspiring Muslim cadets of National Cadet Corps (NCC) to sport beard, following a recommendation for the same issue raised by the Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Commission (APSMC).

The APSMC, in its order dated October 11, 2015, had recommended the ministry to examine the issue in detail allowing Muslims to sport beard on line with the exemption given to the Sikh community.

In its reply to the matter in Rajya Sabha, India’s Defence Minister Parrikar said “the matter is being looked into.”

Taking the cognizance of complaints about Muslims candidates being barred from NCC for sporting beard, the APSMC asked the Defence Ministry to make the exemption granted to the Sikh community applicable to Muslims too.

In June 2015, 12 cadets from Anwar Uloom College of Hyderabad complained to the APSMC that they were turned back from NCC training for sporting beard.

The APSMC heard the case in the presence of Additional Director-Training (NCC Directorate Secunderabad) Lt. Col. N.C. Rao and Ltd. Col. Mukul Dev. They informed that they were following guidelines and regulations framed by the Defence ministry. Therefore, the APSMC recommended the matter to the ministry.

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