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No Scope for Change in Shariah: Malik Motasim Khan

There’s no scope for any change in Shariah, said Telangana Wakf Board member Malik Motasim Khan during Friday sermon in Azizia Masjid, Hyderabad today.

Taking a potshot at media and right-wing advocates for fuelling uncalled for debates on Muslim Personal Law, the JIH leader proclaimed: “Islam is a complete way of life. It has well-defined guidelines for any matter of life.”

During Muslim rule in India, non-Muslims had the liberty to practice their personal law. In the British rule, Muslims had the right to practice their personal law, he informed.

The Constitution of independent India too gives the right to practice personal law. No one should interfere in our affairs, added Mr. Khan.

Speaking on Triple Talaq issue, he claimed that the Muslim community has the lowest divorce rate in the country. But whoever utters three talaqs in a single sitting commits is a sin.

Watch: Full Sermon on Triple Talaq and Shariah


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