KCR asks film makers to make movies on farmers

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao wanted a major people’s movement on the lines of Savings movement launched by Mohammed Yunus in Bangladesh, Panchayat Raj movement launched by SK Dey in the country to herald a golden era for farmers in Telangana State.

The Chief Minister wanted the writers, film makers, poets, to make films, video films, pen lyrics to reflect various schemes and programmes launched by the government for the welfare of farmers so that the farmers will not have to worry about their future.

He disclosed that the state government had already taken several programmes for the welfare of farmers and it will also take many more in future and the onus of implementing these schemes successfully is on farmers associations.

“The farmers association will become stepping stones for reaching golden era of farmers and these associations should work with sincerity, honesty and commitment.

There is a need to create an awareness in villages about the programmes launched by the state government for making agriculture successful, instilling confidence among farmers and for strengthening the rural economy. The awareness can be created through songs, films etc.,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister had lunch with film directors, poets, writers at Pragathi Bhavan on Saturday. Later, interacting with them, the Chief Minister discussed at length on the contemporary situation in the State, the programmes taken by the government of the development of various sections in the society,

the steps initiated by the government towards realizing Bangaru Telangana (Golden Telangana). He said that if only people are made partners in the government programmes they will be successful and songs and writings should create awareness among people in this direction.

The meeting laid more emphasis on Agriculture development and farmers welfare, discussions also took place on Irrigation projects, Power, Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha, Haritha Haram, TS iPass, IT policy, Playing cards clubs, controlling illicit liquor, Sheep rearing, Fisheries, Handloom sector, Modern Hair Dressing Saloons, Health protection, KCR Kits.

The meeting lasted for five hours.

Directors, poets and writers including Goreti Venkanna, Chandra Bose, Ananta Sreeram, Suddhala Ashok Teja, Jayaraj, Shankar, Sagar Chandra, Sankalp Reddy, Prem Annan, Uttej, Srinivas Reddy, Damoder, Siva Nageswara Rao, Paripurnachary, Tarun Bhaskar, Laxman, Kandikonda, Vaddepalli Krishna, Surender, Abhinaya Srinivas Kodari Sreenu, Yashpal, Neela Narasimha, Warangal Srinivas have shared their views with the Chief Minister.

Sahitya Academy Chairman Nandini Siddhareddy, Samskruthika Sarathi Chairman Rasamayi Balkishen, Cultural Affairs Director Mamidi Harikrishna, OSD to CM Despathi Srinivas, Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman Vemula Prashanth Reddy, MLA Marri Janardhan Reddy, MLCs Karne Prabhakar, Srinivas Reddy and others attended.

“After Telangana State is formed, the state government has taken many measures for development of agriculture and welfare of farmers. The government has decided to give Rs 8,000 per acre to the farmers for the inputs cost. Rs 17,000 Crore loans of farmers are waived.

Rs 25,000 Crore per year is allocated for the irrigation sector. Irrigation facility to one crore acres has already been initiated. Free power is given to 24 lakh pump sets at a cost of Rs 4800 Crore. 46,000 tanks are revived under Mission Kakatiya.

330 New Godowns construction is taken up and the capacity of storage is increased to 21 Lakh Tonnes. We are implementing Crop colonies’ concept. Tractors and other tool are supplied on a subsidy and for every 5000 acres there is on agriculture officer,” the Chief Minister informed.

Further, KCR said a Mini soil testing lab was being set up under each Agriculture extension officer’s jurisdiction”. From next year onwards Rs 500 Crore fund is being created for the market intervention to enable the farmers get the Minimum Support Price. 12 Lakh Sada Bainams are registered free of cost,

every summer and monsoon season, seeds are supplied on subsidy. Seed Processing Units are being set up as part of making Telangana state as Seed Bowl of the country. Soil testing is done on the land and the results are given in a card to farmer.

Newly 2000 Agriculture Extension Officers are appointed. . To encourage micro irrigation SC/ST farmers are given 100 per cent subsidy, BC and small farmers 90 per cent subsidy and for others 80 per cent subsidy is given” the CM explained.

“Farmer needs water for irrigation, seeds and fertilizers supply on time and Minimum Support Price for his crop. When these demands are met there is no problem for the farmers.

The government has its focus on all these issues. From the next year onwards Rs 4,000 per acre is given for summer and Monsoon crops (Rs 8000) per year. The farmer in Telangana will not face any problem for investment. Crop Colonies are formed so that all the farmers will not go in for a single crop so that they will not incur losses.

Based on the climatic situation and nature of the soil, farmers will be told to which crop they should cultivate and the government will take measures to get the Minimum Support Price for the crop. To stand by farmers at every step, Farmers Associations are formed from village to state level.

We will ensure that the farmers associations will decide the rates of crops and hence farmer need not worry about the MSP,” KCR said.

To make these programmes successful, the Chief Minister said there should be awareness among farmers and implementation should be done transparently. This is the reason why there should be awareness among people and you should write songs, make films, videos and help to make farmer sustainable,” the Chief Minister requested.

“In Telangana state, the government has taken a practical approach towards development of agriculture. We will plan the crops based on demand in the market so that farmers will not incur losses by going in for one single crop.

Farmers should cultivate crops based on this. Modernization and mechanization should come into agriculture, micro irrigation should be implemented and prepare write ups to create awareness among farmers on these issues.

Song and dance played a key role in Telangana movement and it should play a similar role in realizing Bangaru Telangana,” the Chief Minister said.

The film personalities who attended the meeting announced that they would write songs; make film, documentaries for agriculture development and welfare of farmers in response to the call given by the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister also wanted the first World Telugu Conference to be held should be organized on a massive scale. Telangana has played a major role in enriching Telugu language and literature and it should be reflected in the World Telugu Conference. (INN)

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