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For Blissful Life: ‘Be Good, Do Good’

Soufia Sadaf for Hyderabad Youth Mirror #

Life is full of surprises. Some are shocking and some are pleasant. We never know what will happen next, and surely we are tired of listening to these sentences every now and then! But the fact remains that these sentences are true.

The reason of putting it like this is; it is definite that everything is unknown to us before it happens but if we have belief in ourselves, in our actions and our Almighty, it is definite that we will get what we have invested. If we correct our actions today, we will have a better tomorrow. Actions are the outcome of thinking. Our thinking must be pure so our actions will be harmless and fruitful.

One whose actions are good, he has a deep contend in his heart that life will be good to him, though he would get through many difficulties in life but he will never be down. He is satisfied with himself and knows that nothing will happen to him. But sometimes in this process pride develops. Pride of being the best, pride of doing good and it is well known that pride comes before a fall.

Instead of getting pride to develop in mind, one should always thank the Almighty that he had made us do right actions; it is all because of Him and His blessings that we are on the right path. We alone could not have achieved the goodness of our lives. Humans are not worthy of taking the credit of their good. It is correct that a person always has two choices, one is good and the other is bad.

It is up to him what to choose. But it is the blessing of Almighty if he chose the right and the blessing comes when the person is clean from heart, don’t have evil intentions and harmful plans in his mind. Our life’s motto should be ‘Do good and be good’ in every situation of life. Life will never be cruel to you. Being happy in small things is another way of thanking Almighty. Happiness creates happiness. Being happy is also an art. For this is required positivity. As positive thinking is not only about expecting the best to happen, but it is also about accepting whatever happens is for the best.

Positivity simply means for instance; if we have done one action in a right way we will get the result good though not instantly but definitely in some phase of our life. For example, if a student gave his exam and not cheated a single word, and another student cheated; the student who cheated got better marks and the one who did not get lesser marks. The one who cheated got his good result instantly. But the fact is the student who did not cheat has purity in his heart and is satisfied to his heart content that though he did not get good marks he had not applied a wrong method. He should feel happy for it because sooner or later it will prove fruitful to him. He will not be depended on others and of course Almighty’s blessings are always with him.

So life is all about action and belief. The world is round. What goes around comes around. One should every time have a check on his actions, not only major but also minor actions of our daily routine. Our actions should not have the element of hurting anyone as it will later hurt ourselves. Our speech, our words should be so that it must not let other person down. Our act of giving and sharing should also be in a proper manner. As all persons are equal before Almighty and He only knows everything about everyone, you never know who is closer to Him.

[The author is a Psychology Student from Maharashtra.]

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