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SIO Telangana Extends Solidarity to EFLU Scholar Koonal Duggal

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Telangana extended solidarity to research scholar of EFL University Koonal Duggal, who was attacked during his address on Ambedkar Jayanti.

The TS chapter of SIO also “strongly condemn the attack” on Koonal Duggal on April 14, 2016.

“We also condemn the manner in which he was manhandled by the security,” said Syed Azharuddin, Public Relations Secretary of SIO Telangana.

“In an unconstitutional act that can constitute an act of atrocity and attack on free speech, Mr. Koonal Duggal has been barred from entering EFLU, a public Institution that is required to uphold constitution,” he added.

While expressing concern over Dalits being made specific targets by institutions and their administration, SIO TS said the trend of violence by the institution and curbing of rights of individuals, specifically of Dalits is appalling.

“We demand that such blatant casteist actions be punished and ‘restrictions’ against individuals be withdrawn,” the organization said while adding that it extends solidarity with the Koonal Duggal and with the struggling students.

SIO TS also questioned the EFLU administration over delay in issuing the order copy that barred Koonal from entering institution on 15th April 2016. It asked why the copy was dated as 29th March 2016?

In addition, the organization demanded revoking of restriction imposed on Koonal from entering into institution. It also demanded the arrest of concern authority on whom the SC/ST atrocities act case was registered.

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