Police Commissioner advises scribes to work with spirit and honesty

Hyderabad: Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar has advised the journalists to work with spirit and honesty in covering next elections.

Addressing the keynote address in the day long workshop on “Election Reporting” organised under the aegis of Telangana Urdu Working Journalists’ Federation (TUWJF) and Indian News Network (INN) here on Saturday,

the Police Commissioner said that India was among a few countries where real democracy is being practices with every citizen, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and financial status, having equal rights.

Anjani Kumar said that the India has achieved good progress in seven decades of independence. “We have upheld human values and every individual should get credit for it. The entire success was due to prevalence of democracy,” he said.

Describing election as an integral part of democracy, the Police Commissioner said elections were not the ideas of elite, but it is the decision process of electorate. “We give message to the society that decision of individual is important and in decision making every one is important.

This is the same message of equality which is preached by every religion. To express the strength of equality media is the biggest way of expression. It is medium which helps understand everyone which is one of the reason for which media is called fourth estate,” he said.

Anjani Kumar said that, “March of an army can be stopped – but March of ideas cannot be stopped”. He further said that ideas have various shades. Ideas are generated by opinion makers which may have positive and negative shades.

As time is changing, information technology is changing at fast pace. Social Media has evolved as a challenge a lot has to be done to overcome this challenge.”

In this digital era, he said, to control everything and bring under clutches of law is a huge task. “One lakh new emails are created every day. How to control and keep an eye on them is a big challenge. In prevailing circumstances, responsibility of journalists and others departments has increased.

Society at cross roads needs directions. Journalists have to play a key role and accept responsibility to direct the society in moving towards right path. You should always be aware that a small mistake of yours will play havoc and cannot be rectified,” he said.

The Police Commissioner advised the journalists to grab the opportunity by sailing in the path of truth and always be honest in fulfilling their responsibilities as a watch dog of democracy. It needs alertness, ability and maturity to respond immediately. One should create internal awareness of the society, he said.

He said a true journalist never runs after TRPs, never give half baked news, never gives importance to excitement and never plays with the sentiments of society. “A true journalist is well aware that press and democracy are dependent on each other and a slight imbalance will shake both the system,” he said.

On a question, role of cash in election Anjani Kumar stated that awareness has increased in society and one cannot win the elections by spending cash.

Replying to a query on polling being held on Friday (Dec 7, 2018) and its possible impact on voters, the Police Commissioner said that taking part in polling was a part of prayer. “One should think that his vote is the real way of strengthening the county and one vote can bring a change.

Hence, atmosphere should be created where 90% of voters should come out to cast their vote.

Before casting vote, importance should be given to State’s interests while caste, religions and other issues should be secondary. One should vote with a stable mind,” he advised.

Earlier, in his inaugural address, Indian Journalists Union (IJU) president D Amar said that Indian democracy was unique and being safe guarded by democracy. He asked journalists to take note of changing trends in politics wherein individuals were getting more importance than their party manifesto.

“Promises and implementation of manifestos has become difficult and no ideology is being followed. Self interests have become important with no commitment to people’s welfare. “In this prevailing scenario, media has to play an important role,” he said.

TUWJF Chief and Press Council of India member M.A. Majid said that the Federation has organised the workshop to train the Urdu journalists in reporting the next elections in a better manner.

He said that the journalists must utilise their skills in understanding and reporting the issues that concern common people during elections. He said all journalists must be aware of elections laws and procedures and play an active role in conduct of free and fair elections.

INN Editor Shaik Ahmed Ali gave a power-point presentation on “Reporting Elections – Our Responsibilities” wherein he advised journalists to cover the elections in a comprehensive, unique and planned manner. “Elections are held once in every 5 years.

Therefore, covering an election is a big opportunity for journalist to exhibit their reporting skills and prove uniqueness,” he said.

The large gathering of journalists from across the Telangana State was also addressed by Urdu Academy Chairman Moulana Rahimuddin Ansari, Urdu Academy Director Prof. S. A. Shukoor, PIB Addl. Director General TVK Reddy, TUWJF Advisor Faiz Mohammed Asghar, Eminent Journalists Mir Ayub Ali Khan, F. M. Saleem, Habeeb Ali Al Jeelani, Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin, Shaik Riyaz Ahmed and others also spoke.

After completion of workshop certificates were distributed among the participants’ journalists. (INN)

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