Telangana has emerged as a model State: KTR

Hyderabad: Municipal Administration Minister K. Tarakarama Rao on Saturday claimed that Telangana has emerged as a role model for entire country due to its welfare and innovative schemes.

Replying to the debate on Budget Demands in Legislative Assembly, KTR said that there were notions that what Bengal thinks today, entire country thinks the same next day and Gujarat was considered a model State.

He said today entire country has been looking at Telangana State and both the notions are today applicable for Telangana. Citing examples, he said that the Central Government copied the Rythu Bandhu scheme of Telangana to provide Investment Support to farmers.

Reacting to the criticism by Congress MLA Sridhar Babu on publicity campaign of TRS Government, KTR said that the publicity at the national level was aimed at inspiring the other States so that the farmers in those States benefit from government schemes. He said publicity was also aimed at drawing investments.

He said that the State Government was firm on fulfilling all the promises it made with the people. He also dismissed the allegations of State Government hiding information from the public.

He said more than 500 applications were being received seeking information under Right to Information Act (RTI) and all of them are being promptly answered. He said that the issue of appointment of Information Commissioners was under active consideration.

KTR also said that the State Government was quite serious in resolving the issues concerning journalists. He said the schemes being implemented for the welfare of journalists were unique and nowhere in the country such schemes are being implemented.

He said the process of allotment of house sites or double bed room houses for journalists has been completed at 10 places in the State.

However, he said that the issue of land allotment for journalists and legislators was pending before the Supreme Court and therefore, the government was unable to hasten up the matter. He assured that the State Government would do justice with journalist community. (INN)

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