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MANUU Students to oppose nationwide implementation of NRC, CAB

Students of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) expressed discontent over proposed Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and NRC.

Students Union of MANUU said it will oppose carrying out the NRC exercise all over the country and the proposed CAB.

“We expresses serious apprehension over Home Minister Amit Shah’s announcement in Rajya Sabha on Thursday that NRC would be implemented all over the country. We feel it is an exercise in vain and a deliberate diversion of priorities by the government to hide its failures on the economy and other core issues of welfare and development’’, the Student Union said in a press note.

When there are already known procedures and laws to identify foreigners or illegal immigrants, then putting 135 crore people into difficulty seems unjustified, the Union noted.

“The failure of the NRC exercise in Assam shows the futility of NRC. Nearly 2 million applicants are not in the final list. The government has no idea what to do with them,” said Umer Faruq Quadri, president of Students Union.

“If the government doubts the status of any citizen, it must prove that the citizen is not a legal resident and not the other way round, wherein bonafide citizens of India will have to prove their citizenship with documentary evidence’’, he explained.

Rregarding the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill he said it was against the spirit of our Constitution and discriminatory.

“The Bill proposes to grant citizenship only to Hindus coming to India from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and not to other religious communities. This Bill goes against the basic idea of India as an inclusive, diverse, secular, and democratic nation envisaged by the founding fathers of our Constitution,” he noted.

In case of the government pushing nationwide implementation of NRC and the CAB, MANUU Students plans to oppose it.

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