A 5 Day 8 th All India Horticulture, Agri and Nursery Mela to be held at Necklace Road

Hyderabad: A Five Day 8 th All India Horticulture, Agriculture and Grand Nursery Mela to be held at People’s Plaza at Necklace Road in the City.

Giving details in a press note issued in the city today Mr. Khalid Ahamed, the organizer informed that it will be kicked off on 23rd January and will go for five days till 27 th January.

It will showcase different Gardening methods, Various Plant Collections from all over the country; Trends in Terrace Garden, Vertical Garden and Latest Technologies and Innovations in the Agriculture & Horticulture Industry.

It will have 80 stalls comprising Nurseries from Bangalore, Pune, Kalingpun, Kadium and Hyderabad, Khalid Ahamed informed. It will have 80 stalls. Besides twin cities, Telangana and AP, exhibitors are coming from Siliguri, Kalingpong, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai. The show will be open from 11am to 9pm.

Designing own garden, growing own food, bringing nature into home seems to be a growing trend in the city. In this light of background the Mela will be held. People in the city are converting their own little space/s in the house/ apartment– a beautiful garden.

So the show will be relevant and useful to the people in the city. You can make your own home a small place to getaway says Khalid Ahmed organizer of 8th All India Horticulture, Agri and Nursery Mela.

Nature has all answer to all sorts of problems.  From plant-based foods, nutrients, medicines, forest bathing, nature walk, therapies, consumers are focusing on mother nature add Khalid Ahmed, who is also an expert in the nursery business for the past 30years.

The objectives of the mela, according to Khalid Ahmed is to create marketing avenues for Nurseries, to popularise different species of plant material, bring farmers and suppliers together, to provide a platform for those who are looking to set up a home garden, terrace garden, vertical garden, kitchen garden.

Also to spur interest in ornamental gardening and to spread knowledge about garden accessories, material and irrigation systems.

The other attractions of the show include Flower Plants, Indoor, Outdoor, Cactus, Succulent, Medicinal Plants, Bonsai and various bulbs and Seeds.  Organic Food Material, Confectionary Food Stalls are few other attractions.

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