Forest Dept to celebrate ‘Harithotsava’ at a grand scale on June 19

Hyderabad: PCCF RM Dobriyal stated that on June 19, Harithotsava will be organized grandly under the auspices of the Forest Department.

A video conference was held with officials from relevant departments and district officials to discuss the arrangements for the program. During the conference, PCCF RM Dobriyal acknowledged Chief Minister KCR’s visionary approach to enhancing greenery in Telangana since the state’s formation, emphasizing the scheme’s remarkable success. He called for the success of the Harithotsava organized as part of the decade celebrations.

Officials were instructed to initiate tree planting activities at the village, mandal, district, and state levels, making appropriate arrangements accordingly. It was suggested to commence and intensify the 9th phase of Harithaharam in sync with the arrival of the monsoon season. During the meeting, CM OSD Priyanka Varghese expressed the desire to raise awareness about Haritaharam’s achievements and requested special programs to promote environmental consciousness among the public.

The widespread benefits of increased greenery, including village nurseries, natural forests, avenue plantations along roads, urban forest parks, and forest restoration, have been enjoyed by all residents of the state. To showcase these accomplishments, it was proposed to create posters and videos highlighting these initiatives. PCCF RM Dobriyal also shared that on June 19, free entry will be granted to all National Parks, Urban Forest Parks, and Zoo Parks in the state.District authorities have been advised to organize special programs in their respective areas aimed at enhancing environmental awareness among children. Additionally, a special green festival is recommended to be arranged in lands under the irrigation department, while newly planted areas in villages and mandals are suggested to be named as “decade forests.” (INN)

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