Telangana ahead in Development, Welfare: Srinivas Goud

Hyderabad: Tourism Minister Srinivas Goud stated that Telangana outshines other states in the IT and industrial sectors. He urged young people to actively engage in development and welfare programs.

He highlighted Telangana as a shining example for the entire country due to its efficient implementation of reforms and development initiatives across all sectors.

In commemoration of Telangana’s ten-year anniversary, Srinivas Goud and Home Minister Mahmood Ali inaugurated the Telangana Run at Necklace Road in Hyderabad.

During his speech, Mahmood Ali praised Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, labelling him as the country’s top CM and the driving force behind Telangana’s rapid progress in development and welfare. He emphasized that Telangana stands out among all states with its exceptional welfare programs and development.

The Telangana Run, organized by the Police Department to celebrate the state’s tenth anniversary, saw significant participation of enthusiastic youth.GHMC Mayor Gadwal Vijaya Lakshmi, MLA Danam Nagender, Chief Secretary Shanti Kumari, and DGP Anjani Kumar were esteemed guests at the 2K and 5K runs, which commenced from Dr. BR Ambedkar’s statue on Necklace Road, Hyderabad. Athlete Esha Singh, singers Mangli and Ram, and film actress Sri Leela also took part in the event. (INN) 

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