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Best Ideas for Social Change Come from Engineers: Novelist Sriram Karri at GNITS

Best ideas for social change come from people with engineering background, said novelist Sriram Karri while addressing girl students of engineering at an event in G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science (GNITS) yesterday.

In his interaction on “Women must ‘Engineer’ India’s next revolution”, Karri referred to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Telangana’s IT Minister K.T. Ramarao as people with engineering mindset who brought obvious social change in the society.

Speaking as a chief guest of LiFe ’16, a first ever literary festival of GNITS’ literary club, Karri pointed out at girl students and said, “Each one of you can change the world tangibly. The future belongs to you.” The statement received a thunder of applause from over 150 students in the seminar hall.

A shy girl student with radiant eyes, perhaps searching for meaning of something, stood up from the audience and asked the author of ‘Autobiography of a Mad Nation’, what is his message to youth of India.

Karri replied: “Youth have the power to change the world. You girls have wonderful opportunities, unavailable to women a quarter century ago. Travel across the globe. Observe things. Have the courage to say no.”

GNITS literary club president Meha Mandhana said as many as 78 colleges from the city have participated in the one-day fest, which is a Literaria Clava initiative. She added that eight different events were conducted to educate and entertain, apart from Newsroom and Debate.

“Without the help and supervision of our literary club convener Preeta Anthony, we would not have been able to organize this fest,” she remarked while thanking her mentor Ms. Anthony.

Lit fest organizers with novelist Sriram Karri in GNITS, Hyderabad
Lit fest organizers with novelist Sriram Karri in GNITS, Hyderabad

Daily Bread Events at GNITS LiFe

Shooting Stars: A mind game of words, which was organized by First year student of ETM, Sanjana Mantri. The event attracted over 200 participants.

Chemistry: A game to understand ‘how well you know each other?’ Amulya Metku of IT first year organized the event, which attracted about 150 students. Amulya says, “Though online social networks are popular, offline platforms to interact and communicate are still significant.”

Tongue Twisters: Tazbia Fatima of IT first year organized this fun game event. She says, “Tongue twisters are a part of literature, and people usually don’t get time to do it.”

Jigsaw Puzzle: A mini quiz wherein participants need to arrange 20 pieces in 2 minutes. It was organized by Shivani and Yashwanti from ECE first year.

Pictopia: A game for relishing childhood memory, which included recollecting fictional characters from books, movies, etc. Sneha from CSC and Soumya from EEE organized this event.

Winners of GNITS LiFe ’16



1st Prize: Shravya Reddy, ICFAI, Law School 1st Prize: Sonali Sharma, GNITS
2nd Prize: Sonali Sharma, GNITS 2nd Prize: Sai Teja S, Bapatla Engg. College; Naveen Kumar, Vardhaman Engg. College
3rd Prize: Rithvik R, Apollo Hospitals 3rd Prize: Rithvik R, Apollo Hospitals; Jayender

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