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Hitex SportExpo India kicked off

Hyderabad: The 5th Edition of Hitex Sports Expo India began today at Hitex. It is a 3 day, biggest sports expo being held in the city.

The expo was formally inaugurated by Mr Sushant Anumolu, Telugu film star known for his work in films like Kalidas, Ala Vaikuntapuramulo; Shri Sumit Deb, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of NMDC; Mr Narayan TV, Chief Marketing Officer of IDFC First Bank; Rajesh Vetch, Founder of Hyderabad Runners; Mr Ashok Mahadev Tangadi of ADMS.

The expo has 50 stalls and quite a large activity area. Entry to the expo is free. Altogether the expo is spread over 7000sft. It features all the major sporting brands. And covers the 360-degree gamut of sports such as accessories, activities, equipment, wellness, spa, fitness, and nutrition shared by T.G. Srikanth, GM Business Development, Hitex, the organiser.

It is the three days of Exhibition on Sports, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness products and services.

The biggest ever sports exhibition is organised in support of GiggleMug Events; Hyderabad Runners, Vikendi, Flex Pilates, GravityZip, Nourish You, and Sproutz.

Speaking immediately after the inauguration, the film star Sushanth said fitness is life. Fitness keeps ailments and doctors away. Irrespective of your area of work, you must keep fit so that you age gracefully. Everyone needs to be fit not just physically but mentally. Health is wealth. Sports is the best activity that keeps you alert and agile. Keeps mind active and fresh, he said.

Mr Rajesh Vetch, Founder of Hyderabad Runners said, its mission was to promote running as the preferred form of exercise in and around the twin cities. Our vision is to achieve a fit, athletic and active Hyderabad, by reaching out to every corner of the city.

The expo has a dedicated activity area where a Hyderabad-based GiggleMug has lined up a lot of innovative, engaging sporting activities such as Beach Volleyball, Chase TAG Championship, and Bullseye Arrow Attack. This was organised indoors for the first time in India, says Ms Swathi Vasireddy, founder of the startup GiggleMug. We have created a beach fun at SportsExo. We have filled in several bags of sand to create a beach volleyball court, she said. Do you love beach volleyball? But you live in Hyderabad where there is no beach. Don’t worry we have created that experience. Four people can play it at the activity arena in the Sports expo she said. Everyone who loves playing with the sand between their toes knows that playing the indoor beach volleyball game is fun.

Chase Tag is another of those childhood playground sports that has been professionalized and made into a competitive sport. The same is replicated at SportsEx by GiggleMug. It combines parkour, obstacles, and the childhood game of tag. A ‘chaser’ has 20 seconds to tag an ‘evader’ as they race around an obstacle course. It is a fun game that a lot of visitors started liking.

Bullseye Arrow Attack is another game which is a huge hit with visitors. This is another fun game, easy to play with a lot of fun. Each team will have to hide behind obstacles and try to hit an opponent of the other team. Getting hit by one of the soft-tipped arrows will mean that the team member is out and the team is handicapped by one player. The objective of Bullseye is to Capture the flag of the enemy to win or to eliminate all the players who share Swathi.

GravityZip, which has a stall, was promoting the Indoor Skydiving experience. Discover the thrill of flying high. Indoor skydiving is a safe, extremely thrilling alternative to outdoor skydiving. You can enjoy the feeling of flying, hovering in the air, riding the air current–all without the need for an aeroplane or parachute and without having to worry about the weather. We have India’s first indoor skydiving area in Hyderabad, explained its representative.

Another attraction is the presence of the Grand old man of India at Yoga Pavilion at SportsExpo in Hitex on 28th August. He will participate in Yoga Namami from 10 am to 1 pm. Swami Sivananda, a 125-year-old yoga guru, known as the oldest and the happiest man at the age of 125 years is to visit Hyderabad in August. He will grace SportExpo and check out a special Yoga Pavilion, the first of its effort to popularise Yoga.

Swami Sivananda who is popularly known as the oldest and the happiest man at the age of 126 years will be in Hyderabad at the invitation of Hitex, the organisers of SportExpo. The 125-year-old Yoga Guru Swami Sivananda who lives on an oil-free boiled diet for long life has many followers in Hyderabad. His simplest, disciplined, well-regulated ways of living with early morning Yoga have given him a disease-free and tension-free longest life. He demonstrates his life as an exemplary lesson rather than preaching.

Yoga was never a part of the sports and fitness exhibitions so far, said Mr TG Srikanth. Looking at the growing popularity and public interest in this ancient science and art we have decided to have a special Yoga Pavilion at Sports Expo which will be held in August in Hyderabad

The Hyderabad Runners, a not-for-profit society is organising a 5K run on the 27th morning at 7 am at Hitex and a 10K run on the 28th morning The5K the runs will start and end at Hitex and 10K will start at Hitex and end at Gachibowli Stadium. It will also organise Half Marathon(21.1kms) and Full Marathon(42.2 Km). Both these runs will be held on the 28th morning. They will begin at Necklace Road and will end at Gachibowli stadium 16000 runners are expected to participate.

Telangana Body Building Association is organising competitions. One is the Telangana Bodybuilding Competition in 9 categories(according to the weight of the participant) and the Men Physique competition(according to the height of the participant) The title winners in each category will be given away Rs 50,000/- cash prize The top three winners of BodyBuilding and Men Physique competition will be given away Rs 5000, 3000 and 2000/-. respectively.

Including 16000 runners and about 22000 sports freaks are expected to visit the show in the three days.

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