Participation of citizens vital for development: KTR

Hyderabad: IT Minister K. Tarakarama Rao highlighted the importance of citizen participation in the development of Hyderabad as a cosmopolitan city. Speaking at a meeting organized at the Administrative Staff College of India, Khairatabad, on the occasion of World Environment Day, KTR emphasized the need for collective efforts to improve the city.

Acknowledging that Hyderabad already offers a high standard of living, KTR stated that there is still much work to be done in terms of city development. He addressed past misconceptions and suspicions about the city, its leadership, and infrastructure, which arose when Telangana was formed exactly nine years ago.

KTR proudly mentioned that Telangana has attained top rankings in environmental protection according to the Center for Science Environment report, marking it as an honor for the state. He credited Chief Minister KCR for his contributions in various sectors such as irrigation, drinking water, forest resources, panchayat raj, urban development, and industries. He emphasized that KCR has prioritized all sectors and expressed the opinion that a cosmopolitan city has a long journey ahead compared to its global counterparts. KTR stressed the importance of having a clear agenda, effective leadership, and a collaborative mindset to drive the state’s development.

Regarding the ongoing monitoring of monsoon-related activities, KTR expressed concern about the discovery of items like sofas, pillows, and other objects clogging drainage pipelines during cleaning operations. He found it shocking and surprising that such items were being disposed of improperly, ending up in waterways. He urged the public to cooperate with the government and municipal authorities to maintain cleanliness and make the city more livable.KTR’s remarks reflect the government’s commitment to improving the city’s infrastructure, addressing environmental challenges, and creating a collaborative environment where citizens actively participate in the betterment of Hyderabad. (INN)

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