Telangana ahead in agriculture in the country: KTR

Hyderabad: Minister KTR said that Telangana was leading the country in agriculture. He said that the state had produced enough grain to feed the nation. He also said that Telangana was the only state that had provided insurance to farmers. He reiterated that the Telangana government had given top priority to the agricultural sector.

Minister KTR inaugurated the country’s first Agriculture Data Exchange at Novotel in Shamshabad on Friday. In his speech, he said that CM KCR was a farmer himself and had a deep understanding of agriculture. He also said that Kaleshwaram, the world’s largest lift irrigation project, had been built in record time.Minister KTR further said that migration from Palamuru had stopped in recent years. He also revealed that grain had been purchased at a support price in Telangana, unlike in any other state. Farmers in Telangana had also been provided with 24 hours of free electricity. He said that Telangana had produced the best quality cotton in the country. He also said that Mission Kakatiya had restored ponds across the state. (INN)

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