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Students get real education through sports: Jagdish Reddy

Hyderabad:¬†Energy Minister Jagdish Reddy said that sports were essential for children’s development in today’s society.

He was the chief guest at a sports equipment distribution program for government schools in Suryapet district on Friday. The program was aimed at promoting sports among children. Sports kits were distributed to 155 government high schools, residential institutions, and model schools in the district.

Speaking at the event, Jagdish Reddy said that sports play a major role in shaping children’s character and preparing them for life. He said that children who are involved in sports are less likely to engage in violence or other anti-social behaviour. He also said that sports can help children to cope with stress and pressure and to develop important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and leadership.

Jagdish Reddy recalled a recent sports event that he organized in Suryapet constituency, which was attended by thousands of people, including 27,000 women. He said that he was proud to see women of all ages participating in sports, even Kabaddi, which is traditionally a male-dominated sport.The Minister said that he would support any program that is beneficial to children. He called on the government schools in the Suryapet district to become centres of excellence in sports and to provide children with the opportunity to develop their full potential. (INN)

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