KTR asks the Centre to review the controversial Agnipath scheme

Hyderabad: Agnipath scheme is killing the aspirations of millions of youth who want to join the armed forces and serve the nation, said TRS Working President K. Tarakarama Rao.

Without any consultation, the BJP Govt at the center has taken a unilateral decision on the Agnipath scheme, KTR said. He stated that the farmers weren’t consulted before introducing farm laws, traders weren’t consulted before bringing GST, citizens of the nation were neglected during demonitization, and the minorities were ignored when CAA was proposed

The BJP Govt at the center has played with the lives of farmers with draconian farm laws and is now adversely affecting the soldiers with schemes like Agnipath, said KTR.  He also said that the Union Govt should take complete responsibility for the protests taking place across the nation.

The center has reduced the army from ‘one rank-one pension’ to ‘no rank – no pension,’ said KTR. He stated that this is a scheme that is pushing the national security and future of youth into danger, which is a threat to the nation.

KTR mentioned that the agitations across the country against this controversial scheme show how intense the unemployment problem in India is. He also added that the youth of the nation is not happy with the Union Govt and its policies.

He stated that the BJP at the center is trying to privatize the military of the country which shows their inefficiency in governance. 

TRS Working President KTR stated that 75% of the youth who join the army through the Agnipath scheme will become unemployed at the end of the fourth year. He questioned what would happen to the youth who finish a four years career in the army and come out.

KTR stated that the Union Govt has failed miserably in providing employment opportunities to the army officials who served for many years risking their lives for the safety and security of the country.

KTR trashed the words of the Union Govt which stated that the youth after completing four years will get jobs in private firms. He added that no citizen in the country would believe the words of Prime Minister Modi after he failed to deliver his promise of two crore jobs every year in the country.

This scheme will majorly affect the youth coming from rural areas who aspire to join the army and serve the nation, KTR said. He also stated that this controversial scheme will disturb the organizational culture, traditions, and values that have kept the Indian Army at the highest pedestal for decades.

KTR stated that the Union Govt is negatively affecting the spirit of the armed forces by taking such decisions at a time when the neighboring countries are posing a threat to the security of the country.

Setting aside national security, BJP is keen on financial elements, KTR said. He added that this is a cheap attempt made by the BJP Govt to save the pension money which is given to the retired officers.

KTR demanded the Prime Minister to respond to these protests and also make his stand public to clear the doubts of the unemployed youth.

TRS working President KTR added that the TRS party understands the agony of the protesters.KTR conveyed his condolences to the youth who died in the protests at the Secunderabad Railway station today. He said that the Union Govt should take complete responsibility for this death. (INN)

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