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Telangana Govt will strengthen government schools: Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad: Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy announced a series of initiatives to strengthen government schools in Telangana.

He spoke after giving awards to meritorious students from government schools at Ravindra Bharathi on Monday. The awards ceremony recognized students who excelled academically, outperforming their counterparts in private institutions. In his address, Chief Minister Reddy praised the efforts of the Vande Mataram Foundation for highlighting the importance of such events, which bolster the prestige of government schools. “It is a matter of pride that our government school students are performing exceptionally well,” he stated, noting that 90% of IAS and IPS officers and many prominent politicians, including himself, were products of government schools.

The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of public education and detailed policies designed to enhance the infrastructure and enrollment of students in state-run schools.

Highlighting his government’s commitment, Revanth Reddy criticized previous administrations for shutting down single-teacher schools due to low enrollment and poor infrastructure. In contrast, his administration has pledged a robust Rs 2,000 crore plan to rebuild deteriorating school buildings and ensure no such closures occur.

The government has also launched the Professor Jayashankar Badi Bata program to increase student numbers in government schools. Additionally, management of these schools has been handed over to Women’s Groups, with directives for officials to facilitate funding swiftly.The Chief Minister shared insights from a study on the impact of residential schooling on family bonds, which has led to considerations of implementing a semi-residential system in government schools. He reiterated his stance on education, stating, “Spending on education is not an expense but an investment,” and highlighted plans to form Education and Agriculture commissions to address ongoing challenges continuously. (INN)

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